Allowing clarity

It is not necessary for you to understand love. It is not necessary for you to be able to define love. Love simply Is. Your acceptance of Love as the only Reality is far more beneficial than any intellectual probing to try to capture an image of it. Love is One, as you are One.

It is inevitable that you will accept that love is all there is. Rest in the safety of that. You are, without a doubt, on a return journey to the awareness of Love’s ever-presence. You can pause, but you can’t turn around and walk the other way.

When you find yourself struggling to understand something, it is far more profitable for you to acknowledge and release your blocks to love. You can struggle, but you can also stop and see what is blocking Clarity. When you allow Clarity, there is no need for struggle. Clarity tells you everything you need to know about where you believe yourself to be. All have equal access to clarity. All are equally worthy of Clarity. Think of all the persons you seem to encounter as yourself in another form. Would one version of you be more or less worthy of Clarity? When you take advantage of the constant availability of Clarity, you make it more accessible to all.

Simply ask, “Help me see this as it truly is.” Every time you find yourself engaged in struggle, you are not seeing clearly. Ask for Clarity, and you will notice that people speak to you with profound, direct, simplicity. They give you that for which you have asked. If you ask consistently for Clarity, you will notice everyone offering it up to you.

Yes, at first you can see a whole lot of your own confusion mirrored back to you, but stay steady as you ask to see truly. There is a shining Reality underneath everything, and you can ask to see it.

When your first priority is to see everything as it truly Is, a new world comes into resolution. The old one passes away as if it had never been, and indeed, it has never been. Can an illusion ever have any real existence? The new world is just as much an illusion as the old, but it reflects Reality back to you in stunning Clarity. Accepting what Is, there is no need to define it.

How long will it be before you look upon a completely healed world? That is up to you. Are there certain perceived problems that look so big that you insist on a large span of time to bring into view a world that looks healed? What are you willing to allow? Are you willing to allow sweeping transformation in your way of thinking? Then you will allow sweeping transformation in the world you see.

This is traditionally a season of giving. Give all others the ability to reflect Clarity and Love back to you, and discover the Clarity and Truth alive within you. Allow the world to shine in the light of forgiveness. This happens with your permission.

It is our joy to guide you to the point where you can see that you give the world permission to appear as a world of Love. Your coming year is a wonderful metaphor for clear vision. Let 2020 be a year of Clarity.

Photo by Carmine Savarese on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Allowing clarity

  1. Great post! All I want to Christmas is the Gift of Clarity! If Clarity was a commodity that could be purchased, the chance is that commodity would become the most precious item one could own. I wrote an article on my website titled “The Gift of Clarity – “ – Feel free to check it out!

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