What do you want for Christmas?

What you want more than any particular thing is happiness and ease. The only way to invite lasting happiness and ease is through willingness to have your perception corrected. What you experience and how you see the world is directly related to what you are willing to see and how you are willing to see everyone.

Only perception correction brings happiness. You can achieve a state of temporary satisfaction and relaxation from struggle by engaging in struggle, and this is ego’s temptation. Ego tells you that struggle is the way to find happiness. Love’s true happiness requires no struggle of anyone. Love allows all to be as they truly Are.

Look at the word want. It refers to a lack. If you are in want, you are lacking something. If you want something, it means that you believe that you would be happier with it than without it. The only thing you truly want, or lack, is true seeing.

This lack is only temporary, and all struggle is about holding off the fulfillment of what seemed lacking. The ego can encourage you to delay your return to true seeing by exclaiming about all of the lacks in the world that you must struggle to remedy. Remember that the true remedy for any perception of lack extends from Love and not from struggle. The back-and-forth of struggle belongs to ego. Bring the darkness of ego to the light of Love, and watch it dissolve and disappear.

If you don’t see things as they truly are, it means that you are not allowing it. If you see things as they truly are, you are happy. If you are not happy, you are experiencing an opportunity for undoing. Please do not consider unhappiness to be a failure. What you Are is incapable of failure. If ego tempts you to use a label of failure, remember instead that an invitation is being extended to you. Unhappiness always means, without exception, that you are carrying a conceptual burden that you don’t need. Simply agree to have this burden taken from your hands, and you are accepting Love’s invitation.

Love’s invitation is always extended to you and all, because you are all fully worthy of it. As you accept Love’s invitation, you can extend it to those you perceive to be other, and the world lights up.

Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash

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