Your invitation to perpetual stability

You did it.

You didn’t do it.

Consider the impact of these statements. If the “it” is judged as bad, the first statement is an invitation to guilt, and the second statement is an invitation to temporary relief. If the “it” is judged as good, the statements’ invitations are reversed. Any relief coming from a judgment is temporary, so underneath that relief still runs the anxiety of denying your true identity as a child of God, as a child of the Oneness. If you deny your identity, then you deny the true identity of all others.

There can be no true comfort in this perspective, this back and forth. Every situation in which you find yourself is an open door back to your true identity and that of all others. You can only walk through this door if you surrender judgment of any kind. As you surrender judgment, you surrender your perception of your false identity and all of the false identities you have constructed for everyone else.

You did it.

You didn’t do it.

If you look at these statements from the perspective of a separate self, they represent temporary triumph or temporary despair. The temporary is fundamental instability. There is something more stable behind this back and forth. If you focus upon what is more stable than the back and forth, you will be able to perceive the stable Reality of everyone you meet, and you invite them to the same place. The back and forth has a power of attraction only when you are not focused upon what is eternally stable.

The ego tells you that to focus upon the perpetually stable means that you stand still and you do nothing. Ego says that this is unacceptable in a world of action, and you will be lost if you focus upon the perpetually stable. We invite you to experiment. We invite you to notice how actions arise of their own accord when you focus upon the perpetually stable.

When you allow actions to arise of their own accord, their birthplace is Harmony. You can trust that which arises from Harmony. This is the time of year when Christians tell the story of Jesus being born in a stable. We invite you to allow all of your actions to be born in that which is stable.

Your invitation to the perpetually stable stands open at all times. There is never a moment in which that invitation is withdrawn. There is never a moment in which you or anyone is unworthy of it. This vast treasure is open to all at all times. This is abundance. It is only the judgments of a false and unstable self that would distract you away from this invitation. If you’re listening to the judgments of a false and unstable self, you will see and experience all other selves that way.

Remember that your interaction with any other seemingly separate self is always an  invitation to witness the stability they are past any judgments your false self suggests, past any judgments they seem to be making. Dive into what is deep and realize deeply, profoundly, that judgments from the false self will never help you or anyone else.

Perpetual stability is who you are, and it is who everyone else is. Perpetual stability is accessible through every facet of every situation in which you find yourself today, but it is always beyond judgment. If you are actively engaged in judging as a separate one, you are holding up the shield that prevents your seeing and knowing that stability.

Judgment of any kind is a holding off, a saying “not yet” to the truth of who you are and who all are. The character who would judge resists the reality of Oneness because it washes all of the positive vs. negative significance of the character and all characters away. Because you have been attached to judging the character you are playing in this way or in that way to gain a false sense of security, you completely miss the security that is there for you at all times, in every situation, in every being, beyond all judgment.

If you find your safety in seeing your fellow beings through the filter of relatively positive and negative judgments, you are saying, “Not yet.” You are asking a future of conflict to spring forward, seemingly in front of you, from a past of conflict. When you are ready to surrender all relatively positive and negative judgments, you allow the future to spring simply and peacefully from the Now. It is always up to you. You can experience the past in yet another form, or you can allow what is Real to be revealed to you. There is no reason to hold off any longer. Any reason to hold off is manufactured by ego, and ego is what you invented to tell you lies in endless forms and variations.

When you deny what can spring from the Now, there is pain. When you deny what can spring from the Now, there can also be pleasure, but pleasure is a variant of pain. It’s highly distracting, and if you look closely, it is not joy. Pleasure blots out the awareness of what seems to be going on around you just as pain does. It’s just a way of hiding for a while, and it is completely dependent on time. Joy springs from the Now and is timeless. You are all are fully worthy of eternal joy, just as you are, right now.

When you experience pain, ego tempts you to escape through more judgment. Judgment may seem to work temporarily by providing a temporary opposite to pain, but it never provides peace. Luckily for you, peace, joy and true stability are entirely untouched by the egoic experience you chose.

Your choice is important. The way is always open for you to choose perpetual stability, your true Home, and a warm welcome always awaits you there.

Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

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