Return to your own innocence Ego always lies, and ego leads inexorably toward experiencing death as a reality. Remember this handy tip. When you feel something is amiss, when you feel anything other than the deep peace of joy, you are believing a lie. The feeling you are feeling is an indicator, a warning, that you are believing a … Continue reading Return to your own innocence

Allow the gate to disappear Egoic thoughts are gates. Your most natural state is allowing the flow of love through you, but when you believe an egoic thought, you close the gate to love's flow. You can only close the gate to love's flow if you believe your substitute--the ego--has something better to offer. This is all about you … Continue reading Allow the gate to disappear

Focus on Love Love is everywhere and in everything. It is in every being you call person, in every seemingly separate object, in every situation. As you begin to see correctly, the Love is what you see predominantly. The light is what is most visible and obvious. When you notice yourself focusing on something that disturbs, or … Continue reading Focus on Love

Allowing Love’s extension Allow Love to be extended through you today. Okay, but how? An allowing is not an ego doing. Allowing Love to be extended through you is the most natural thing there is. If you are allowing, it means that you are not blocking. You block your awareness of Love's presence through thought. So the … Continue reading Allowing Love’s extension

No need for evaluation There is only one thing that you ever need to evaluate: How you feel. Although there is great temptation to evaluate everything else that you see, everything else that seems to be happening, you're eventually going to learn not to give in to this temptation. You're going to see the function of evaluating the … Continue reading No need for evaluation

Event: It’s All Good

It's All Good: Mind Healing as Daily Practice Saturday, January 25, 3 to 5 pm The Sanctuary, 301 Main St., Vestal, NY  13850 (storefront on the corner of Charles and Main) With Vera Scroggins, Carole Antun, and Julie Boerst. Join us for another collective awakening gathering. We will come together to share and learn about … Continue reading Event: It’s All Good

What is most important? You don't have to worry at all about the plot, the storyline. You don't have to worry about a future and about seeming to control it in a certain way. The best thing for you to know about yourself or anyone is that all will be revealed, and all will become obvious. You are … Continue reading What is most important?

Trust in Love You are a conduit for love. This is your only function, and it doesn't matter what form it takes. The form becomes obvious to you as you learn to settle into who you are and let inspiration guide you. Settling into who you are requires all of your energy and focus in the midst … Continue reading Trust in Love

The Shift in perception We are here to speak of the Shift.  The Shift doesn't need to be called the Shift, for it has no true title, but you will experience it as such. Those who are willing will experience a radical shift in perception, and this shift will be shared mind to mind, because there is only … Continue reading The Shift in perception

The essential nature present in everything Beings are a network through which Love flows, and all of them are equal. You are so accustomed to rating and assigning and deciding when it comes to perceived-separate beings that you miss the essential nature of what they are. If you are able to see it, you assist those beings in remembering, too. … Continue reading The essential nature present in everything