Focus on Love

Love is everywhere and in everything. It is in every being you call person, in every seemingly separate object, in every situation. As you begin to see correctly, the Love is what you see predominantly. The light is what is most visible and obvious.

When you notice yourself focusing on something that disturbs, or when you notice yourself making plans to control something phenomenal, ask us for assistance. Say, “Show me how Love is here.” If you keep this request alive in your heart, and if Love is what you want to see more than anything else, more than any evidence supporting any judgment you would make, then you will begin to see the Love that is always present and available to all, more and more.

Another way to look at this is that there is a kind force at work within every situation. If you find yourself in any sort of struggle, remind yourself: “There is a kind force at work here.” Ask us: “Help me see the kind force at work here.” You want to get to the point at which you see the world as all-helpful, all the time. With our help, you can allow all sense of threat to be drained from the world you see and experience.

There is nowhere Love is not. Whenever you become convinced that something is a problem, and that the problem requires solving, you are listening to and believing ego. There is only one problem–listening to and believing ego. So when you catch yourself believing in a problem, ask to be shown how Love is here and now. Ask to be shown how you are supported. Work with the power that is always there for you and all. When you believe in individual problems requiring ego solutions, you work to obscure the support that is always there for you.

You may find yourself carrying out what appears to be a solution, but the source feels very different, effortless. Trust is in the foreground, and the sense of an individual doer is faint or nonexistent.

There is no concept or situation Love cannot transform. Love is sweeping and powerful. You would not want the feeble efforts of ego, whose purpose is to keep you ensnared in conflict, if you could see the simplicity of the power available to all at all times. When you agree to let Love run everything, your focus is mind first, thought first. You become aware of the thoughts that block Love’s flow, and you agree to let them go.

When you are caught up in ego, everything is very much about the actions of the individual doer. When you can see that you are caught up in this perspective, pause and ask to see things as they truly are. Allow any thoughts of disturbance to rise to the surface. Agree to have them replaced with reflections of truth. This is far more effective, no matter what the situation, than attempting to use the body and human effort to put things right.

When you are caught up in body identification and individual doership, you are asking the ego to send you thoughts detailing what everything is. You are asking the ego for instructions about what to do next. This is a habit, only a habit. It can and will change as you begin to see things as they are.

We encourage your confidence in Love, and we encourage you to focus upon Love whenever you notice you have allowed your focus to stray to something disturbing.  When you focus upon Love, you choose Truth over whatever analysis the ego is offering to you. You choose strength. You choose power. It is all up to you, and it begins in the mind.

When you focus on Love, you access your power and the power that belongs to all, equally. When you focus on Love over and above any messages the ego is sending, you assist others in accessing the power that is always there for them. In assisting others, you always assist yourself, for your selves and your minds are joined.

Focus on what is joined today, not upon what appears to be separate. What appears to be separate is meaningless illusion. What is joined is All, and it is Real. We are always here to help you see this, and it is our joy to serve you.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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