New, clean, and open That part of you that is exhausted and can go no further is not you. You can safely leave it by the side of the road. When you feel exhausted, this is useful. There is something you can leave behind--something you have been dragging with you for all of time. As you leave what … Continue reading New, clean, and open

Allowing new perception Whenever you feel tension, stress, distress, judgment, or disquiet, it's only a service. Think of a little bell going off: "You are attached to old perception." Be grateful for the service of this little bell. Hear it when it is a little bell, and heed its message: "It's time to pause in a moment … Continue reading Allowing new perception

Divine orchestration You are an instrument in an orchestra. Your joy is in allowing yourself to be played. When you feel any disquiet, the cause is trying to act out of accord, trying to act as a separate one. A separate one you are not. When you are trying to act out of accord, you are … Continue reading Divine orchestration

The Attunement There is always a piano tuner standing by, waiting to assist you. Whenever you feel out of tune in any way, whenever you sense any discord, whether it seems to be within or without, remember the presence of this holy tuner, standing by, delighted to serve you completely and fully. This holy tuner cannot … Continue reading The Attunement

Allowing the wiring to be redone Think of the mind as having certain routes and pathways, certain relationships among various thoughts. Now think of opening that structure up to the celestial electrician, saying, "Do what you will with it. All of my thoughts are open to you. Arrange everything here to your liking. Nothing is off limits." Your willingness to … Continue reading Allowing the wiring to be redone

Looking through the back and forth Change in your world is not difficult at all. Change seems to happen all the time. We wish to pan the camera back to show you the nature of change. First you decide upon a set of bad guys and a set of good guys. You label current conditions. You project better future conditions. … Continue reading Looking through the back and forth

Allowing the shining reflection of the Real When you think you are doing in this world, nothing is really happening. When you are identifying as an ego that places much importance upon the physical and its seeming meaning and value, this idea of doing nothing is shocking. The value in realizing that the physical, as the egoic identity uses it, is … Continue reading Allowing the shining reflection of the Real

Allowing True You The wonderful comes through you without your interference and management. By "you" we mean an entity that does not truly exist--you-as-separate. That part is a dream, and it is time to recognize it consistently as such. When you acknowledge this, what seems to be your personality can be run by who you truly Are, … Continue reading Allowing True You