See the Real

There is only one lack–lack of correct perception. No matter how many different forms of lack you seem to perceive, there can only be a lack of correct perception. The world you perceive is a world based upon lack that you choose to perceive. This is worth saying again: The world you perceive is the world you choose to perceive. Invite the Real in, and you will begin to see the Real everywhere.

You view the world through the lens of fear, and on this basis you think you are equipped to judge it. Remember that when there is any tension or resistance present, anything less than pure joy, you have allowed fear to dictate what you see. One important step in the voluntary release of fear is the suspension of judgment. You can only suspend judgment when you can see that it is worthless.

Fear is no foundation at all, but you treat it as a steady and sure foundation. You are accustomed to believing that fearful thought will protect you because you are accustomed to seeing yourself as separate and threatened. Let today be the start of seeing all of life experience as the perfect opportunity for showing you who you truly are. All of life experience, no matter if it appears to be positive or negative, is here to show you that treating an illusion as if it is Real is only going to get you more illusion. Becoming willing to see the Real always shining from beyond the illusion allows you to see and experience the Real.

When you learn to suspend all judgment except the one truth that all are innocent, you begin to see the light shining forth everywhere you go. You seem to bring the light with you, but you only make it more visible to others because you are willing to see it. It is always there, eternally, everywhere. When you come to see that every event you experience is for your benefit and for your return to the truth of yourself, you stop trying to bring about, avoid or manipulate events. You trust that all is for the good, and you begin to see the good-without-opposite everywhere. It truly is up to you, and you can start Now.

When you abide in Truth and not in distraction, you are open to inspiration. Inspiration carries you so you can drop the idea of you-as-doer, you-as-planner, you-as-separate-one in struggle. This assistance is always available to you. We simply ask that you focus upon your willingness to see what is Real beyond all illusion.

We are shining beyond the veil of illusion as you have been shining eternally. We cannot leave you, and we will always assist you in joy.

Photo by Juskteez Vu on Unsplash

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