Emerging from misperception

I have been sick for the past few days–like not-able-to-do-much sick. As I wondered why I couldn’t just vibrate myself out of it, this came to mind: If you still had resistance running, wouldn’t it be a favor to you for it to come up in a very tangible form that you can’t ignore or bury? From here, it’s an opportunity, isn’t it? It’s an opportunity to turn over what you don’t need. All things do work together for good.


From what are you truly separate? What distinguishes you from anything else? Yes, you appear to be separate from that pair of scissors over there, and language slices you up quite nicely. Over there is that pair of scissors. And here you are. Apparently separate. Language lies, however. Language keeps the perception in place and the illusion running.

You are energy, and the perception of a pair of scissors is energy, too. There’s no true separation between you and that pair of scissors, but there is a perceptual separation. Even though language lies, language can be turned over to the source of what you are to be employed in restoring clarity. When you return to the awareness of what you Are and have always been, suffering disappears. It is no longer needed to keep an illusion running

Anytime you are placing separation between you and another element of what you perceive to be your world, you feel stress. Let feeling be your guide. When you are really and truly willing to feel what you feel, you will feel the ferocity of your attachment to illusion, your fear of releasing it. Isn’t it funny–your fear of releasing that which is a direct source of and reason for all suffering. You cling to it as if it is a lifeline.

I’m feeling this has a lot to do with my showing up as sick.

Yes, it does. Wouldn’t you like to see very clearly where you are holding on? Wouldn’t you like to access a new level of willingness to feel?

I thought I was doing pretty well already.

You were. But there’s more. You can feel that, can’t you.

I can. And that fear of feeling and letting go popped up as illness.

Yes, a very clear indicator that you can accept the help that is always there for you.

Rather than going on some ego tangent and ignoring the deeper and more subtle layers of how I feel.

An illness can serve you at one of these crossroads. You get a chance to let ego caper and be in charge in ways is has been for a long time, or you get the chance to undo deeper and deeper layers of habitual suffering. There’s no question there, is there?

No, I pick undoing the suffering.

So many people see illness as a spiritual failure, due in part to some really good teachings that get misinterpreted. It’s all about taking it personally, of course. Yes, you always call illness to you, and you always do it because of some level of misperception, but when you’re on your way to undoing all the misperception, there’s still some misperception, isn’t there? And it certainly may show up in the form of physical illness.

People tend to make much of the really visible physical illness and much less of the collective mental illness that all share. It’s all illness. If you could all stop judging the clearly visible physical manifestations of illness…well, it’s all about stopping the judging, isn’t it? Allowing it to wind down because there has always been something safer there for you .

And remember–it’s all projection. So if the other guy shows up in a suffering meat suit and you seem to be in a non-suffering meat suit, it’s still your projection, and it’s still your responsibility. But since ego doesn’t handle the undoing of all that, it’s not difficult. And remember, responsibility is not blame or fault. Responsibility never leads to guilt. It just leads to the undoing of misperception.

In this world of illusion, if you judge anything, you churn out more illusion. This is why you need a guide out of the physical representation of back and forth judgments. You cannot do this without a guide. What we’re saying is that you can’t do this as an ego because the ego doesn’t even exist. You cannot take any real journey when led by ego, by comparative judgment.

The guide we’re asking to you to follow is your very own Self as much as it is our Self. There can be no other, since identity has always been shared. Minds have always been connected. When you allow this awareness to come to you powerfully, to become primary, then it gets communicated mind-to-mind.

When you follow the guide of your own Self, your true Self, which is the root and basis and innocence of all perceived others, you come to recognize all instantly as manifestations of this shared Self. We invite you to see this first, whenever you meet one who seems to be other. Remember their not-otherness. Remember their fundamental innocence. Remember that whatever they do, it serves your awakening, so they can do no wrong. Whatever you do, it serves theirs, so you can do no wrong.

Return to the awareness that all is always profoundly well, and you will be able to share it with other minds. Soothed minds returning to Reality stop projecting turmoil and conflict because they are allowing it to be healed. Accept healing, and see others healed.

Allow your tired mind to rest. It is from this state of rest that you can be profoundly helpful to others. It is our great honor to correct misperception as you rest. Your physical-based perceptions are not precious in any way. They only keep conflict going, so it is safe to release them to our care. Our care is Yours, as it always has been.

Photo by Vladimir Kramer on Unsplash

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