The miracle

You do your best work by allowing miracles. The power you are is the power all are. The power you are has no limits. It can accomplish anything. We invite you to use time for the purpose of seeing past all perceptual limits. See the flexibility and power of the miracle, and know that you all have the power to offer them to each other. You offer miracles naturally when you abide in happiness.

We say this to you to emphasize the power of the mind. You will serve yourself and others well when you focus upon seeing the power all are past all illusions. The ego is very much about getting you focused on the physical, on what the body can seem to accomplish in the physical, and on what you as a separate entity can seem to control. The miracle is not about control or about specific intention. It is merely allowed to flow though you as an expression of who you are. Miracles can flow through everyone else as easily as they can flow through you.

If you think of the service you do for others flowing mind-to-mind, you can see the unity you are. Think of this power just flowing and washing back and forth from mind to mind, healing all in your sight because all are worthy of healing. A miracle is not controlled by a separate one, not performed self-consciously by the separate intention of a separate one. A miracle is merely allowed as a celebration of the one unified Self you are.

If you think of the service you do for others flowing mind-to-mind, you can see your equality. All minds are capable of allowing miracles. All minds are equally worthy of miracles. Serving others by performing the miracle, you are served by the Love you allow to flow through you. You are served by what serves all equally.

Whatever you are inspired to do in the physical is fine and appropriate. You do not have to bother with that which does not come from inspiration. When you know and rely upon the power of the miracle, you do not concern yourself so much with what the body seems to be doing. Rather, there is a trust and a faith that you will know what to do and what to say. You don’t have to be in charge of controlling anything, but you can relax into the abundant flow of Love that is always there for you.

We celebrate as you discover the riches that can never leave you, the riches that only multiply when they are shared.

Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash


3 thoughts on “The miracle

  1. Thank You, Julie’s Team and Julie. Exactly what I was questioning the last few days, that “I have these many skills that I can share to uplift/enhance the well-being of ‘others’, and HOW do I put them to Good Use?”. This post Presented me with The Gift of Knowing. I am expressing Thankfulness from the Deepest Aspect of Myself. Blessings of Every Kind.

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