The go signal for the miracle

True healing is of the mind. If a body seems to heal or a situation seems to improve, this is only a reflection of the mind’s healing. If a body seems to be not healed or a situation seems to be bad, we encourage you to drop any judgments about what you think you see. Every situation is an invitation to healing, and all healing is of the mind.

When you can get your mind off the physical and its seeming cause and effect, miracles can do their work. When you think the physical has some significance, and when you are locked into repetitive patterns of cause and effect, this is ego’s tight net of thought that blocks Love from correcting your perceptions. The tightest net, however, still has holes. The ego cannot entirely block out Love because it depends upon its power. Because Love is the only power there is, ego must convince you–Love itself–to lend power to its illusions. When you see what you are doing, you will stop.

As you seem to move through a story, not insisting on a continuity of the storyline is helpful. Remain open. Don’t think you know where this story is going to go. Don’t attempt to drive it. If something “bad” seems to appear before you, take it for the invitation to healed perception that it is. There are no bad things anymore. There are only reflections of truth and invitations to healing. All is well, and you can relax completely out of trying to control a story. Assume that the story will take shape for your benefit and for the benefit of all.

When you hear an ego-based prediction in thought, this is the moment to go within past that concept. Open up the storyline to anything at all happening. Open up the storyline to a means of efficient mind healing–the miracle. Don’t try to control, and remember that despite how anything looks, all is truly well.

A willingness to abide in the not-decided-upon is helpful. When you catch the ego deciding about what is happening, what has happened, and what value it has, go within. Go within past ego’s repetitive spell-making. Within is the openness. Within is the not-decided-upon. Within is the go signal for the miracle to sweep in for the purpose of perception correction.

You don’t need miracles to fix anything. You need miracles to show you how the mind works so you can continue in confidence as you let your perception be cleansed.

We thank you for serving, and we delight in serving you.

Photo by Marian Kroell on Unsplash


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