There is a role for you to play

You will be conducted on your way. Think of your lifetime as a series of notes in a symphony. There is a conductor who will signal you and keep you in harmony with all of the other musicians. Pay attention to this conductor, and you will be able to settle into the beautiful symphony of awakening.

It takes practice and willingness to begin to sense the presence of this conductor and to place a priority upon following the cues the conductor sends. The conductor is not someone separate from you. The conductor is the unified presence of all the musicians–steady, powerful, and constant.

Everyone is part of this symphony, without exception. You are unable to judge the extent to which another is aware of the conductor. You can, however, immediately sense whether you are relaxing into the symphony or fighting to forge ahead with your own tune. Here is the interesting thing. You are always playing in harmony with all of the other musicians. It’s just that you are not always seeing and hearing it. Sometimes you choose to hear something else.

As you are conducted through life, you will be shown what to do and what to say. As the presence of this constant guidance becomes clear to you, you will know immediately when you have begun to hear your own tune. You won’t feel good. It’s okay. The symphony continues undisturbed. You just have to tune in to hear it.

The path of feeling takes you Home, and as you go Home, you bring everyone with you. How else could it be when you are One? As you get the hang of walking together, everyone has a role to play. You will know when you have stepped out of yours because of how you feel. Over time, you will begin to see that staying in your role, staying in the awareness of your harmony with all your divine siblings, is your greatest happiness.

As you learn how to follow the conductor, you will relax into the beautiful symphony around you. This means that you will be able to look out into the world and see situations that you may have judged previously. Now you know, however, that your opinion isn’t needed. Your presence in the symphony is. The way things look in the world will not discourage you when you know what is Real within every being you encounter. As you see what is Real–the light within–you send the invitation to all to relax into the harmony that is your unified presence.

As you learn how to relax, fear melts away. As you let go of fear, you light up the way for everyone around you to do the same. As you see everyone’s light, you shine brighter. As you shine brighter, so does the path to relaxing into safety and joy for everyone you behold or think about. When you play your part in the symphony, the light of your own pathway gets brighter. It gets easier and easier.

As fear melts away, you can see everyone as they truly are–the same, and equal. You will not be distracted by the back and forth on the surface. It has no power anymore. There is a presence in you so strong that there is no back and forth within it–no variation and no weakness. As you look upon everyone you meet and everyone who comes to mind with the awareness of this presence as their true identity, you will come to know your Self more deeply.

You make beautiful music, and you always have. It is our delight to show you how this is so.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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