The spark of Life

You have a mighty companion who goes with you everywhere. With this mighty companion by your side, you need fear nothing you seem to see or experience. We invite you to remember the presence of this mighty companion throughout your day.

Your mighty companion is present in every being you meet. This is why you can be delighted to meet everyone, in the physical or in thought. Fears melt away when you see that everything you believed about them fades in the presence of their True Identity. As you see their True Identity within them, it is strengthened within your awareness, and theirs. They come to see the True Identity in everyone they meet. By this means, you come to see the True Identity within yourself.

When you meet a being in the physical or in thought, we invite you to see the spark instead of the body. See the life they are instead of your projection. Choose to look upon Reality instead of the echoes of thoughts long gone by. If the spark seems to be only a dim flicker, it is your own thoughts that obscure its light.

Find  your willingness to turn your attention from the thoughts that would obscure the light in every being. When you give up a cherished and untrue thought about another being, you are able to see this spark more immediately and more easily.

The spark within every being can teach you. The spark can guide you. Is is wise to resist your untrue thoughts about any being, to recognize that they are untrue. When you do this, you are able to bask in the glow of that being without reservation. When you see the benefit of what and who every being is, you are open to the perfect ways in which their spark can guide you, can help you on your way.

Find your willingness to be taught and led by the spark alive and present within every being. As the littleness and smallness and limitedness of other beings seems to disappear before your eyes, you will be able to see yourself as you truly Are, as you always have been.

The spark is  your safety. The spark is your guidance. The spark replaces any need for attention or approval that would mar your day. Enjoy the light of the spark, and the need to get things for a separate self fades away into the nothingness it always was. See the spark, and find and stay within the deep appreciation you all have for each other.

You have always seen us as lit up fully from the spark of life that all share. Now go forth and see it everywhere.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

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