Prior to the physical

You are accustomed to depending upon the physical, but we invite you to depend upon what is prior to the physical. There is something prior to the physical, and you know instinctively what that is. No words are needed. You can just instantly go in and get a sense of what is prior to the physical. Anyone can.

You are accustomed to valuing the physical and how you believe you as a separate one can manipulate and control it. We invite you to notice that what is prior to the physical can do anything that needs to be done through you and with the utmost efficiency. When we speak of efficiency, we speak of that which offers maximum benefit to all.

The physical is only an effect of thinking and is very malleable and flexible. Only your judgments keep it looking rigid and limited. There is nothing more important than allowing your judgments to be swept away so you see with the clarity that allows the Whole to work through you. This is a long way of saying that there is nothing more important than your happiness, because when you are happy, you will see it reflected back everywhere.

Remember this if you bump into any sense of disquiet today: The physical universe you seem to inhabit is not the limit. Your thoughts are. You are in charge of your thoughts. Which thoughts come to you? Which thoughts are blocked out? It is always up to you.

Whenever you feel disquiet, it is always because you are blocking thoughts of Truth and hanging onto thoughts of ego as if they could offer you security. They offer only repeated experiences of sickness and death. When you see this clearly, you will drop them like the hot potatoes they are.

What you are all experiencing together is a softening of the limits you have been placing on love, on the stream of love’s thoughts flowing to you. As limits soften, you will discover that you sometimes go rushing back into the arms of fear, because that is your habit. This will manifest outwardly as extremes seemingly “out there” in the world. It is only the back and forth of your mind, being played out for you.

Have faith. It will settle down. It is inevitable. The invitation love offers you is irresistible, and you can relax into that.

As you release fear’s thoughts, you open up a space in the mind for anything useful to happen, beyond all perceived limits. Your job is to notice where you are perceiving limits and to voluntarily give those perceptions up. We do not ask you to attempt to change on your own all your perceptions about the physical. Start at the level of the interpersonal, and your perception of the physical will be transformed in the wake of that.

Focus on the relationship, on your judgments of one another, and as you let those limits go–thinking others have to be separate and to show up in separate ways in order to uphold your own separate identity–the false perceptions of the physical fade away with perfect timing.

Trust and faith–you and all are on a journey, and that journey does have an end. You and all are guided on your journey, and you discover on your way that the Guide resides equally within all. There is no way you can lose your Guide because you cannot lose your Self.

Step forward today knowing that you are loved and cared for. We always walk with you out of confusion and into clarity.

Photo by Martin Courreges on Unsplash

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