Allow decisions to light up for you

There is “someone” who seems to know better than “you” do, but only when you perceive that someone and yourself as separate. You are accustomed to viewing all the “yous” out “there” as separate, to seeing all decisions as separate, to perceiving all the parts of the world you see as having independent existence.

You see this independent existence because it was what you wanted to experience. You wanted to have independent existence, and this world is your playground for perceiving in this way. Your playground requires fear to operate, however, and when you tire of your toy of fear, you put it down and allow Truth to be seen.

We invite you to spend your day allowing the someone-vs.-you split in perception to heal, and to allow yourself to realize your unending connection with the benign force that knows everything there is to be known. You cannot be severed from something you Are, and neither can anyone “else.” In allowing the someone-vs.-you split in perception to heal, you will need to cast fear aside.

The reason you do not cast fear aside is that you use it as a tool for continuing to perceive in the way you are accustomed to perceiving. It is only habit, and habit can be unwound. Keep yourself in a state of willingness to see that what you thought was done was never done.

In order to believe fearful thought, you must believe in retaliation from an outside force. In order to believe in retaliation, you must believe that the retaliation is coming in response to some egregious wrongdoing. When you are feeling fear, you are believing that you successfully separated from All That Is. We’re here to let you know your mission was a failure. You never separated from All That Is because that is not possible.

Separation only seems possible within an illusion. That is all. When you feel fear, you are believing that punishment is heading your way. If you are able to see clearly that you have never done anything wrong, you are also able to see that no punishment is heading your way. In this illusion, you can give yourself the experience of fear. You can give yourself the perception of wrongdoing. You can give yourself the perception of punishment anticipated and punishment experienced.

Notice the constant here. All of those are experiences that you give yourself. It is impossible that any experience could be imposed upon you because there is no force outside of yourSelf. Seeing this is the end of fear. Be open to seeing this today. Be open to allowing every seemingly “little” perception you have to be transformed in light of this Truth.

The only force there truly Is is benign. If anything “other” seems to be experienced, it must come from fantasy, and the fantasy is always your choice. This is your power and the power shared equally by all.

In your world, it looks as though there are many different interconnecting pieces, and when it it time to make a decision, it looks as thought the entity you perceive as “you” needs to analyze and judge all of these pieces. We offer you a substitute for analysis and judgment: Show me. Simply ask to have the obvious made obvious for you and to you. Stay in this willingness, and you will find that it works.

We offer you the temporary concept of “light up” for as long as you need it. When you become willing to allow all decisions to be made by the One of you that you actually Are, you need a means to receive information about decisions that seem to have been made for you “on high.”

“On high” is actually where you are. You, as the one Self unified with all forever, are the decision-maker. It’s just that you have misplaced your identity in this character you seem to be playing, and in this game it is a requirement that all characters are subject to instability, to good fortune and bad fortune. They are subject to this only because of their decision to perceive in this way. There is a way to continue to show up in the game, but to transcend all ideas of instability and good and bad fortunes opposing each other.

You can allow all decisions to come to you from your one Self. In order to know what your one Self is telling you, you must allow all opinions and fears to subside. Opinions and fears speak very loudly. Your practice is to learn to discern the loud voices of opinion and fear and then to wait.

When opinion and fear are done squawking, the gentle and unmistakable voice of Freedom says all that need to be said. As you learn to listen to Freedom’s voice, the sounds of opinion and fear that used to be so clear grow fainter and fainter. This is when an option within your world seems to “light up.” It becomes unmistakably clear to move in this direction. If you are willing, this light can accompany you in every moment and can point out every step to you.

If you are going to allow Light to point out every step for you, you will need to surrender the idea of a you-as-separate who makes decisions. It’s up to the Light now because the Light is what you Are. The Light is what all Are. If you allow Light to lead, you will see this.

The “you” who needs to analyze and judge does this as a form of protection, because it sees forces in its world that can harm and limit it. It is misery to attempt to protect a separate you. Attempting to protect a separate you builds up the walls between all the seen-as-separate “yous,” making everything confusing.

Clarity is always here for you, however. Clarity is standing right beside you when you choose to see harmful forces in the world you are experiencing. You are afraid not to believe in harmful forces, but your belief in harmful forces is what powers the fantasy about harmful forces.

Simply notice when you have a belief about harmful forces, and then allow Clarity in to do its work. Find your willingness to surrender the thought. The thought about harmful forces is what makes them seem real and separate in your experience. We are here to clear things up for you. We are with you every step of the way, in every moment of your day.

When you attempt to make a decision and you think there is a separate “you” who has to do it, and to do it correctly, you are giving yourself a lot of unnecessary work. Whenever it seems there is a decision to be made, you can simply have the obvious pointed out for you. Realize today how much is done for you to ease your way, and fall into this constant assistance as a way of being.

There is a You who simply Knows beyond all perceptions of limit and harm. Every seeming decision, even the tiniest ones, are all opportunities to practice allowing the You beyond the small self to decide. It’s the difference between riding along in ease or fighting every step of the way.

Following the You or the one Self throughout your day means that you are also attuned to the beautiful Truth of every being you meet in thought or in the physical. This means that you are able to meet all with appreciation and without a sense of threat.

We invite you to relax into that which is prior to all sense of threat, and to allow that to make all decisions today. We are with you, and we abide in constant appreciation of that Self which can bring ease to everyone.

Photo by Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash

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