The splendor of the Real

When an actor comes to you in this drama in thought or in the physical, and you seem to be disturbed by their appearance, actions, words, or what you would call their energy, remember that you have hired that actor. You have called the actor to you in that form, so what is left to do except to welcome Love, the only thing that is Real, as it shines through a form that never had any meaning of its own?

What you experience is always an echo of past thoughts, and the purpose of the experience is to prove those past thoughts are true and to keep you depending on them. Once you see the cause-and-effect of this, the significance drains out of those past thoughts, leaving only the splendor of the Real.

The splendor of the Real can shine through anything and can transform anything. It is the only power worth considering because it is the only power that is Real. The splendor of the Real is a reflection of the true will of the One Self, the only Self that is Real.

We invite you to a game. When you encounter an actor in thought or in the physical, say this silently, mind-to-mind: “I release you from the contractual obligation to shake a fear stick at me.” You had a deal with all of the actors in your drama. You requested that they show up in forms that would make pain and death seem real.

You can cut ties with everything you asked your fellow actors to do before, and you can do it Now. There is no need for them to play old roles. The roles were designed to hide what is Real from you because you feared it. Now your fear is melting, so there is no need to hold your divine siblings to a contract that keeps you hidden in confusion. Set them free, and you will experience your own freedom. You get what you give.

“I am ready to see you as you Are now.” These are powerful words. Deliver them silently, mind-to-mind, to every actor that you meet. In telling your fellow actors that you are ready to meet them without masks, you come to realize that you are ready to acknowledge your Oneness with the only Self there is. You are ready to see beyond your own mask. It is no mistake, this metaphor.

All the thinking about masks and protection that seems to be active in your world right now points directly to the mask of separate personhood and the question of whether or not it is truly protective. In allowing the Light you collectively Are to shine through all persons and all roles, you allow all questions to be resolved.

Any actor showing up in  your drama is just doing their job, and doing their job perfectly. Give all actors the same gift today in acknowledgment of their perfect roles that always helped you notice how you were feeling and what you were thinking: Release them.

I release you from the contractual obligation to shake a fear stick at me. I am ready to see you as you Are now.

Bask in everything you allow to shine through illusion today. You Are that Light, and so are they, equally and eternally. You and all actors shine equally and eternally with us in innocence.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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