From ego roles to inspiration

Today we invite you to notice your definition of roles for yourself and others, and all of the expectations that go along with that. You invent limiting and constricting roles for the characters in your drama because of fear. You are completely supported and held by the all-pervasive Love that is everywhere, in every being and situation. You have no need of further definitions to keep you safe.

It is completely safe to allow all of these ideas of ego roles to wash away now. Just know that as you allow inspiration to show you the way in all things, you make that inspiration more available to all, so no one needs to depend upon the artificial construct of an ego role.

We invite you to see ego roles as stage performances that you believe you need to perform because someone is looking and someone is judging. You see your safety in following the dictates of ego. So let’s say that you’re onstage tap dancing in accordance with ego’s instructions. When another tap dancer comes on stage, how do you feel? Inevitably, there is comparison. Ego always encourages relentless comparison and judgment, and it encourages you to attempt to analyze the judgments that seem to be coming from others.

Ego always places you onstage, where you will be judged. It places you in a situation of using effort to gather positive judgments and to avoid negative judgments. Ego roles are very self-conscious. Ego cannot manipulate you without your cooperation.

Why don’t you come down here with the groundlings? The groundlings are standing right here in a group in front of the stage. Ego assigns the groundlings the role of judging you, but when you leave the stage, you’ve got no one to judge and you’re not asking anyone to judge you. This is a good time to remind you that you are and always have been incapable of judging separate ones–yourself or others. When you believe you are judging, you are just pretending.

When you’re with the groundlings, it doesn’t matter if anyone around you is painting or playing the guitar or tap dancing. It’s all equal, and it’s all perfect. We invite you to see inspiration and awakening this way. Awakening isn’t just for the select few onstage. It’s for everyone without exception.

Your job is to follow the inspiration that comes to you, and to know that when you do, it makes that inspiration more accessible to all. Roles enacted from inspiration are automatically harmonious with all other roles. Roles enacted from inspiration are healing roles, and from this perspective you can see all other roles as playing a part in your healing. Making things harmonious is not something that you as a separate one need to control or manage. Just know that as you follow inspiration, you follow harmony.

The Wholeness that inspires us all takes care of harmony, and it is our delight to remind you of this.

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

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