Laughter now

Is there any reason to hold the love of God away from you in your perception today? (For those with the God-allergy, we mean the Love you are, your essential nature.) It can’t be held back in any way other than perception. All suffering, all lack, is perceptual. If this brings up anger, it is appropriate. Wouldn’t you want to bring to the surface that which you have been using to block your awareness of love’s ever-presence? Wouldn’t you want to offer that block up to your nonphysical helpers so it can be removed?

Allowing yourself to feel is a gift. And when the feelings are contracted, you always have nonphysical help in assisting with release.

This world is like an amusement park ride. Who do you want the ride operator to be today? Do you want it to be a false you in your perception–a delusional, drunk-on-illusion, facade? A mere mask? Or do you want the wholeness of who you are and who everyone else is to run the illusion today? Because that’s what the world is–an illusion. When you are ready, you are pulled gently out of it–first into a happy world reflective of the Love and Beauty you and all others have always been, and then releasing it entirely.

This has always been a ride–a moment in time–and you were never going to stay on the ride forever. You are destined to release your delusions. Every moment of contraction is an opportunity to release your attachment to delusion. And that is all that suffering is–an attachment to delusion.

There is a caution not to make light of suffering. Look at this. Suffering is ego’s god. Ego depends on a sense of separation, and a sense of separation is suffering. So go ahead and make light of suffering. As a compassionate being, we’re not asking you to deny the experience of suffering. We asking you to see that the experience of suffering is one that you deliver unto yourselves, and we’re showing you the way through and beyond it–to the light, the light that leads you to healing and balance. This is how you make light of suffering. You move through it to the light, and you light the way for all others.

When you look at all others, here’s how to rest in peace–a peace that will not block any needed actions. Peace supports all necessary actions. See your sisters and brothers as fully loved and supported right now–by the Love all are. See them as needing nothing and receiving everything, and you will see the reflection of your very loved and always supported self. After you use time for its correct purpose of returning to the sight of all as it truly is, then see what inspiration guides you to do. Take that valuable time before you reach out to “help” another to see their true being, and recognize that they are offering you help as well—help in seeing all as it is, which is the only true help there is. All the rest is stagecraft.

It is time to accept your angelic nature, and that of all apparent-but-never-separate others. Time for the big reveal, as they say. No timidity is necessary. Step forward and look upon all the powerful beings of light giving themselves an Earth experience at this time. There is not a single one who doesn’t shine. Each one plays a divine role perfectly designed to assist you in releasing contracted perception.

We encourage you to enjoy the play as you act in it, and marvel at the perfection of your fellow actors. After you’re through enacting pathos, we’re all going to laugh at the cast party. You can take the shortcut anytime you like, however. Laugh right now!

Photo by Eva Waardenburg on Unsplash

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