River of miracles

There is a beautiful river flowing, alive within every seeming situation, equally alive and present within every being. It is a river of miracles. Miracles bring ease to your mind because the Light you Are is allowed in. You are the one who allows the Light you Are into your mind, and you do it when you give up a cherished concept as valueless. Giving up form to accept the formless, what the formless can do through you and all, anywhere, at any time, is miraculous.

When your mind is in a state of ease, you are able to meet those you call other without defense, with an open heart. Through this open-heartedness, the river can flow. Anywhere you can feel a blockage in this open-heartedness, the river is waiting to flow through and clear it for you. It always waits on your permission. Give up any cherished concepts blocking the flow of the river, and it is allowed to do its work.

When you are able to meet everything with an open heart and without defensiveness, you are more easily called to that which the Whole would have you do. The Whole is an easy flow into which you can fall and be carried. Your other option is what you are more accustomed to. You are more accustomed to agency, to being an actor making things happen and deciding upon your own goals and actions. As you let your cherished concepts about being an actor with agency go, the Flow is allowed to take over.

Your concepts are your defensiveness. They are the blocks in the wall you build and maintain to attempt to hold back the river of miracles. The only reason you would attempt to hold back a river of miracles is that you fear it and think it would destroy you.

This time of healing is a time for you to relax, to realize that nothing real is out to get you. Any force that would be out to get the character of you has to be imagined, because that is what you are about here–imagining and experiencing a life as a separate character with agency.

The truth is that you have no separate agency, no separate will. You seem to in this drama. That is all. You have only been fantasizing about that. As you accept that a will separate from the divine is unreal and imagined, you begin to allow the river of miracles to flow.

We invite you to the idea of spiky concepts today–concepts with teeth. You can feel them. They seem to have sharp edges. They poke. They are unmistakable. The feeling of these concepts is key in your healing. When you recognize you are attached to a spiky concept, no matter what it is, remember the river of miracles. It is there, waiting to flow through your life experience. Just see that concept as a block, and remove it from the dam. The healing waters will do the rest.

When you allow the healing waters to do the rest, you are given rest from all your cares and concerns. It is our delight to show you the eternal rest that you have never left.

Photo by Mike Lewis HeadSmart Media on Unsplash

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