Repost: Signals to awaken

This post is from January 28, 2018.

When you meet a person, you could let your story about yourself meet their story about themselves. Or you could just meet them. You could look right through the surface and greet your very wise sibling across space and time.

“Hey, You! I can’t believe we’re playing these roles! Can you?” Okay, this part would be silently, but it’s a useful way of recognizing your fellow beings.

Imagine a body. You know the body is not what you are, but it *is* a communication device which you are using. You can appreciate and love your communication device. You are projecting the experience of this body out into consciousness in order to share experience with your fellow beings.

So you’re walking around within this experience you have projected, on this earth you have collectively projected into consciousness. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, who you are (and who everyone else is, in unity) encompasses all in safety and love. If it looks and feels like anything else, it’s because you chose to attempt to project an experience so different from harmony and unity that you could believe that your will is separate.

That’s all it is, though–a projected experience. A belief. You can choose to see through the projection at any moment. When more and more of you choose to do so, that’s when miracles will become commonplace. They are simple rebalancings that reflect the true nature of what is.

Okay, now imagine this body walking around, and it sits down next to another body. Those two bodies are going to have a conversation. Imagine a large energy field around each body, fields of light. Before you look at the other body, before you create an experience of speaking to another body, those energy fields are communicating. They are touching one another.

A really nifty thing about energy fields is that in their purest state, they are a reflection of the love that you are. In a sense, they heal each other. They seek out out the open places in each other and merge. Wherever there is an opportunity for healing, and one energy field has something to share with another, that giving and receiving happens without words.

The experience of talking to someone, however, opens you up to the experience of that person. You sit in their energy. They sit in yours.

Now let a memory of a judgment come into that space. The other person is talking loudly. You feel disturbed. There seems to be a problem, and the problem seems to be the other person’s. The other person seems to have the ability to disturb your peace.

Remember that you are peace, and so is your companion. You have chosen to take on roles in this earth drama, and at this time your function is to look through those roles as if they are glass.

There is a resonance between beings, and if disturbing energy comes up between them, it is always an opportunity to release what isn’t needed so your vision can become clearer. That’s why the loud person deserves a silent thank you. Every disturbance that comes to you, every awareness of a contraction into separation, is a signal that it is time to awaken.

When you recognize your true state as fully awake, you don’t need these signals anymore. The energy you “pull up” from within another will be different. It will also be possible for you to be in the presence of one who would have disturbed you before, but instead you’re completely at peace. When you are no longer resonant with a behavior, it no longer has the power to disturb you. You don’t need it in order to wake up.

This bears repeating. When you are no longer resonant with a behavior, it no longer has the power to disturb you. The fact that it does disturb you is showing you a tendency to contract into separation, and at the very moment you see it, you can remember your willingness to release it. You can remember your intention to see clearly.

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “Repost: Signals to awaken

  1. Thank you, Julie and your team, for this CLARIFYING message. We are All in this ‘Soup’ of Divine Consciousness, made from the Same Substance, with IT Flowing Through Us ALL. How easy it is to forget this! This message wakes us all up, to realize How we Communicate, and Can Truly Communicate!

    Blessings of all kind.

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