Dancing with all beings

You will be guided. Have faith in this. You will be shown what to do. You will be provided with whatever words are called for when words are useful. Rest fully in this.

Your faith belongs in the guidance that leads you. Your faith belongs in the True Being of everyone you meet, in the True Being of everyone who comes to mind. There is no point in having faith in what isn’t Real. If you are going to put your trust in something, check to make sure it’s Real first. Your feelings always tell you.

You know what guidance feels like. Guidance is straightforward, obvious and clear. Find your willingness to allow every aspect of your life to become this clear and easy. You have always been fully worthy of ease, and so has everyone else. Accept the gift of ease that the Now moment gives you.

Focus on the dance aspect of guidance. Guidance has a beautiful part for you to play. Find your willingness to dance your perfect part in the dance of all Beings. You will be shown exactly what it is.

You will play your part, and as you do, so will everyone else, perfectly. Have faith in this perfect unfolding.

It is our delight to see you blossom into ease and trust. We are with you, celebrating this dance of giving and receiving in every moment.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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