Underneath mind’s hopscotch



There is a flow underneath hopping from concept to concept. Watch the mind. Watch it hop and leap.  You’re being invited into the flow prior to that–the flow at your core, the flow at your foundation. The way is always open to you.

In a period of agitation or high anxiety, you can feel the strength of this flow, and you’re scared of it. The negative emotion is present because you are attempting to deny the power of the flow, that which you Are. You are accustomed to saying that the negative emotional states are due to specific life events, but this is never true. It seems very true, but that does not make it true. It seems very real, but that does not make it real. Remember that you have been making illusions with thought.

The good news is that you can feel the strength of this flow. That is why you’re feeling the struggle, because you are struggling against the power of this ever-present flow. There is no need to struggle. There is no need to fret. You are carried and loved, always and in all ways. We invite you to retrain your mind. When you feel yourself in a sense of struggle, tell yourself this:
There is good news here
I can feel the power of what I Am
I am confused, and I can feel how I am struggling against the power I Am, the power everyone Is
I choose to allow the power I Am to run all things for me

The strength that you struggle against is Thy will–the united will of us all, and the resistance is my will–an illusory will of a fictional separate one. You are learning to allow Thy will–your true will and the true will of all–to run everything for you. Anytime you are in a negative emotional state, it is never because of what seems to be happening to you or around you, to anyone else or around anyone else. That is the trickery of the illusion you have been making with thought. Your thoughts cause the illusion you experience. Nothing outside of you causes the illusion you experience because there is nothing outside of you.

When you allow Thy will–your own true will–to run all things, you are allowing the true will of all beings across time and space to run everything for you. This is Harmony because there is only one united will that we all share. Any will that struggles against another will is illusion, and you can learn to look past this illusion to the reality of shared will.

Harmony is always immediately accessible to you simply by your intention. This is why you can be very happy about every being you meet in the physical or in thought, without exception. Their true will is yours, and you can fall into harmony together. This option is always open for you.

The illusion is my will, and the Reality is Thy will. Thy will includes all beings across time and space, because there is only One of us. In order to be aware of this One will that resolves all things for all beings, you must look past judgment entirely. Judgment blocks your view of the One will, convincing you that conflicting wills are real.

We bask in our one shared and perfect will, and it is our delight to see you basking with us.

Image by Abby Haukongo from Pixabay

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