Say yes to the gift

There is a gift that is always waiting for your acceptance. No matter what you think is happening, there is always a gift present for everyone. See the gift at the heart of every being. See this gift at the heart of every situation. Everything is your gift. Everyone is your gift, without exception. You are always a gift, wherever and however you appear.

Any feeling of disturbance indicates that you are delaying in accepting the gift that is always there for you. You are accustomed to thinking that your feeling of disturbance has something to do with details you perceive in this world, but this is not so. The feeling of disturbance always comes from the distortion of the perception. If you could see things as they truly are, you would never feel disturbed. You would never need the call of disturbance to bring you Home.

In any moment of disturbance, you can stop and explore within. Can you find any willingness to receive a gift? We invite you to get into the practice of finding the least sliver of willingness in any situation. That willingness is your ticket back to the clear perception of Home, of peace, of the unity that all Are. If you are willing, you are willing to be shown, you are willing to be led.

When you are feeling disturbed, a false self is offering to lead you further into distortion. Take a moment to find your sliver of willingness to be led instead by what you truly Are. What you truly Are is what everyone “else” truly Is, so when you allow yourself to be led by this unified force, you are allowing yourself to be led by love and harmony. Allow your willingness to expand and grow until it is stronger than any feeling of disturbance.

Finding your willingness and resting there is a way to retrain your mind in order to receive the gift of the ability to see Reality regardless of what seems to be happening. Give thanks for your feelings of disturbance. They are helpful indicators that you lost touch with your willingness, that you strayed into distorted perception. It is very helpful to have these alerts that tell you when your perception is askew.

When you have your gaze fixed firmly on Reality, you allow form to become very, very flexible.  In a way, you stop caring what happens in form. Through your willingness, you access a deeper trust in what unfolds, and you are simply willing to play your part. By this “not caring” (an absence of anxious attachment to form) you actually release resistance to healing, and then you begin to see reflections of this in your world.

Thank you for playing your part so perfectly, and remember to give thanks to all for how they play their parts so perfectly today.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


4 thoughts on “Say yes to the gift

  1. As always, the perfect Eye-opener!
    It is true that our attachments to HOW ‘things’ SHOULD or SHOULD’NT’ be, is . . . What keeps us entrapped. This Gift that is being offered HERE is What sets us free and brings about Spectrum wide healing. When one is free, all are free!. Thank you for the In-Sights, Julie and Team. Blessings.

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