Remember the gift you Are

This message was requested by a reader who allowed me to share it. Thanks for sharing! Wherever you seem to bring yourself, you're bringing a gift. This tradition of bringing a gift to the hostess of a party, it is only a reflection of the true gift you bring. You can never bring a … Continue reading Remember the gift you Are

Rest in sweet willingness As you go further into allowing Spirit to control everything you perceive, you can hit what seems like an immense wall of terror. This is a trick. It is not an immense wall at all. Think of a projector shooting out a huge and real-seeming terrifying image. Looking at the image and believing it … Continue reading Rest in sweet willingness

Deeper into the willingness What would prevent you from experiencing complete happiness in this moment? The idea that...fill in the blank. Look at what you have used to fill in this blank. It is some specific, separated from all of the other specific and particulars, and you think this specific is a block of some kind. The entire … Continue reading Deeper into the willingness

A total commitment We invite you to find your willingness to face the deeply uncomfortable without looking further than your own thoughts for the cause. People sometimes say that you should "get real." This is getting very real. If you are having any problems with your experience, it is your thoughts that cause the perception and the … Continue reading A total commitment

Say yes to the gift There is a gift that is always waiting for your acceptance. No matter what you think is happening, there is always a gift present for everyone. See the gift at the heart of every being. See this gift at the heart of every situation. Everything is your gift. Everyone is your gift, without exception. … Continue reading Say yes to the gift

Staying in the joyful quiet Any moment of disquiet is your feeling the resonance of the bondage in which you hold yourself. We will remind you endlessly so you can wake up--unpleasant feelings that you experience are never due to seeming happenings or conditions in a world. They are always an indicator that it is time to wake up. … Continue reading Staying in the joyful quiet

Abiding in willingness, dropping the monster toys Each person you encounter in the physical or in thought issues an invitation to cooperate with the Whole of you. If you feel any disturbance or disquiet, it is not the time to judge the illusion. This disquiet is a signal that you are not yet willing to see yourself as you are. You … Continue reading Abiding in willingness, dropping the monster toys

Find your willingness for the undoing We invite you today to observe and feel the force that encourages you to view everything and everyone as separate and as having unequal value. Notice how ego tells you that it will sort everything out, make sense of everything, and tell you what to do. The voice of ego must be critical and … Continue reading Find your willingness for the undoing

The space of willingness Everything is perfectly lined up for you. Have faith and trust that whatever is on your path, it is for you. If this is true of you, it is true of all. Whatever seems to be on someone's path is for that one and will serve the Whole. This means there are no victims. When … Continue reading The space of willingness

Just a little willingness

You are on a journey of awakening, of remembrance. Central to this journey is learning to go within. Comfort is always available to you when your world is not reflecting it back to you. When you have learned to go within every time there is a disturbance in your tranquility, then you are thinking, speaking … Continue reading Just a little willingness