Flow doesn’t hurt

You are waking up to what is Real, and as you do so, waking up becomes about understanding clearly what hurts and what doesn’t. When it becomes obvious to you that you suffer by choice, not because of what seems to be happening to you, you are willing to understand how that choice is made. If you are not at the mercy of a world outside of you, there is every reason to locate and drop the thinking causing the suffering.

Time is for healing–nothing else. If you prefer to stay attached to suffering, time can be about personal achievement. Or it can be about improving a world. If you really want to end suffering, however, you recognize that time was made for suffering, and that you are able to choose now to devote all of your experience of time to healing flawed perception. Whatever you seem to be doing, healing is the goal. Clarity is the goal. If you have another goal, you will feel pain and tension. As your willingness to feel goes deeper and deeper, this becomes abundantly clear. When you attempt to follow the false will of ego, it hurts. When you flow with your true will, you are at peace.

You are able to feel the difference between the thinking mind and the inspired mind. The frantically grasping mind is now being seen for what it is. It’s full of struggle and figuring out. It never feels good, but is keeps you chasing after satisfaction. It keeps deciding and analyzing and categorizing. The inspired mind simply, easily, and directly supplies you with what you need right now. As you learn to trust the inspired mind, you can set down the experience of the struggling mind. When the struggling mind seems to be all that is available, you know that you are able to stop and wait until the inspired mind becomes apparent again.

You know now that there is something Here, in this moment, to relax into. You also know that nothing is more important than this relaxing into what is present and available. You have not yet abandoned the struggles of the frantic mind, but you are more and more aware of when you are allowing it to operate, more and more aware that you always have an option for peace and flow. If that option is available to you, that option is available to all, so this is the end of worry for and over others. Each “other” has all the resources they need, right now, and when you see this you are able to relax into what the flow has for you in each moment.

What is present, alive, and available in each moment delivers unto you everything you need for your function. Every seeming physical resource, every thought, every idea. What it does for you, it does for all. You only have to accept the gifts that are always here for you. Your resources don’t come from your hard work. They don’t come from your struggle to be worthy. All are already fully worthy, and nothing they seem to enact in a physical role can ever change that.

It is our joy to see you find your willingness to relax into the flow, to see your faith building that what truly Is cares for all perfectly.

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Flow doesn’t hurt

  1. ๐Ÿ™ Thank you, Julie and Team. This really settled my inner ruminations into a State of Allowing. Blessings of All Kind. ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿงก

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