Echoes of the past

A word about my process: Sometimes there are a lot of posts because I get a lot of brief, powerful downloads. The process of writing deepens communication, at least for now. This is my personal learning tool, but I do love that in putting it in this format, others can benefit from it if it appeals to them.

If you are experiencing a negative thought as a disturbance now, it is an echo of when you believed a negative thought in the past and used it to shore up your sense of separate self. What should you do with an echo?

If you treat it like a very real thing, you are confused. If you actively fight against it, you are doubly confused. If you believe it to be your very own self, you have gone further into confusion.

If you watch it, if you feel it to see what it tastes like, if you’re curious about it but don’t attach to it, it disappears. You watch the ball and its antics, but you don’t pick it up.


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