Switch channels

There is a Comforter always present. There is always a presence with you that can correct the perception that causes pain. You are not capable of doing wrong, but you are capable of misperceiving. Pain and suffering themselves are misperceptions, and the Comforter who never leaves you is always able to assist you into clear perception, into a vision that transcends perception.

There is always a Comforter present for every being across time and space, which is why you never need to worry about anyone. More real than the world you made with egoic thought is this presence that never wavers and never disappears, this presence to which all have equal access always. You can attempt to hide this presence from yourself. Indeed, when you feel negative emotion, this is exactly what you are attempting to do–to turn away from that which would help you in that very moment. It is a blessing that you don’t feel good when you turn away from the Comforter. This is very clear guidance that sends you back in the other direction.

When you feel worry, it is a signal that you are tuned in to a channel that is supposed to use physical symbols to convince you that danger is real. Viewing this channel is optional, but ego would have you think that it is the only option, that what you see on this channel is real. It is not, and it never can be. Worry is a useful signal because it tells you very clearly that it is time to change the channel.

To switch channels, find your willingness to allow Spirit to demonstrate to you, using physical symbols, that you are all safe, held, loved, carried, guided, and provided for. Everything you seem to see and experience, everything that seems to be a separate thing–all of it can be used by Spirit to show you what is Real and what is not. Let go of your insistence that the world of egoic thought is real, just for a moment, and find your willingness to allow Spirit to show you what has always existed, what will still be there when temporary experiences fueled by egoic thought are no more.

This is the purpose of the physical now–to be used symbolically to strengthen your faith in what is Real. Whenever you find yourself having a limiting thought about the physical, remember its purpose now. Spirit is going to use the physical to show you that you are safe, to show you that you are held, to show you that you are loved, to show you that you are carried, to show you that you are guided, to show you that you are provided for.

Allow Spirit to demonstrate, to put on a show for you. Whenever you find yourself in a negative emotion, go within to this willingness to allow Spirit to take over and use physical symbols on behalf of all. Spirit is you–your true and shared identity in innocence and power, so you are only allowing your True Self to be in charge.

We always shine with the invitation to tune in to the channel that is helpful for you and all. As you are tuned in, you shine with the same invitation.

Photo by Ian Panelo from Pexels

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