Withdraw from the cacophony

Check your intention. This is our best advice for any moment of stress. Look at what you are attempting to do. Are you attempting to avoid something? To control someone? To achieve a specific and predetermined outcome? To figure something out without the assistance of all that is? In some way, whenever you feel stress, you are attempting to turn away from the resources that are always here for you.

Are you trying to extract something from the world? When you look at the world as your source of abundance, you are out of touch with the abundance that is always here waiting to serve you. Imagine yourself attempting to pour a glass of water out of an empty jug. When you try to extract something from the world, to get it for yourself, you are immersed in a sense of lack that has never been based in Reality.

A bad feeling doesn’t mean that something real is happening. All of your bad feelings come because of the attempt to treat the unreal as if it is Real. Bad feelings are part of the experience of contrast that the illusion provides. In truth, there is only Love. There is only Safety. There is only Abundance. The illusion indicates otherwise. When you are committed to knowing what is Real, all bad feelings become useful. There is nothing you made as part of the illusion that Spirit cannot use on behalf of the awakening of all.

A bad feeling is now a useful signal that you are tuned in to the cacophony of egoic thought. It is a like one clear bell ringing, piercing the chaos of egoic thought, to tell you something important. If someone seems to cause an intensity of bad feeling, they are only exposing the thinking that Spirit stands ready to whisk out of your experience. You only have to hand it over, seeing it as useless. Spirit will never take your thinking away before you are ready, because it is essential that you see egoic thinking as useless.

You always have available to you a queue of instructions from Spirit. Whenever you withdraw from the cacophony of egoic thought with the intention to recognize what is Real, that queue of instructions becomes obvious, and it is effortless to carry those instructions out. If you continue in your stress and anguish, you are treating a world of illusion, a world that you made with egoic thought, as if it is real.

A world of illusion can never be real, and it is becoming more and more clear to you that every moment you spend in stress is useless. You do always have that option to withdraw from the cacophony, to thank those beings who alerted you to the opportunity to do so, and to tune in to the frequency of Love for your instructions.

You have to withdraw from the illusion that the world is real, at least temporarily, in order to receive this transmission (either by writing or reading it). We just invite you to stay here at all times, to treat this open and loving space as your Home.

Photo by C Drying on Unsplash

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