Your energetic massage therapist

Your job is to allow expansion in where you feel contraction. Your job is very, very simple, and there is no need to get mired in details or to figure things out. You only need to be aware of how you are feeling and to have the ability to find your willingness to allow expansion in. Finding your willingness causes the shift because you pause in that space of allowing. You interrupt that which is projecting the world, and you allow the light to shine through it.

This is like allowing a massage therapist to do her work. You become aware that there is a knot of tension, and you also know that there is an immediate remedy available. You can call upon this energetic massage therapist as often as you need to, because you are fully worthy of this constant and immediate assistance, as are all.

A massage therapist cannot work on you while you are running around. You do need to have the presence of mind to stop and lie down on the table, energetically speaking. In terms of your mind, this is what it looks like:
1. You become aware of a negative feeling.
2. You remember that your own thinking, and nothing that seems to be outside of you, is the cause.
3. You locate one thought that was just running through your mind, recognizing that it is a lie.
4. You find your willingness to allow all false thought to be washed away, restoring your ability to see the light in everyone and everything, in every situation.
5. You pause a moment in the beauty of that assistance which is always here for you and all.

When you get a massage, you can feel pain and resistance first, and then an opening and a relaxation. As you confront the thinking that makes the world you experience, you can feel that same pain and resistance. That’s how you know it’s time to allow the knot of tension to be massaged away. You are not the masseuse. You simply allow that which will be helpful. Take all of the burden off your shoulders. Beings of Light are here to minister to you. You only have to allow it.

A mantra can serve as a useful shorthand to stand for the five steps described above. Any mantra at all that speaks of truth to you can put you in this place of receiving the remedy. Here is an example:
I open to receive the light.

Your reactivity to the world highlights perfectly where a massage is available right now. Don’t try to stop reacting. Simply become willing to notice every time you react to what your mind is projecting. When you react, you treat it as if it is real, but it is only your mind’s projection. Your reactivity is not a problem because it makes clear every point at which a remedy can be received. Simply open to the solution, and find your gratitude that it is always here for you.

If your world is peopled with those who seem to cause reactivity in you, give thanks. They are only reminding you that you have an appointment with your energetic massage therapist, and they deserve your thanks for showing you so clearly. As you see that they only deserve your thanks, and never your censure, they are able to recognize that assistance that is always available for them, too. As they give thanks, they light up the world with the realization that assistance is always available. There is no more beautiful virus than this.

If you have ever been reactive to the idea of a virus, this is your moment to give thanks. It is only an indicator that the massage table is here, and you can lie upon it now. Allow that knot of tension, of reactivity, of lies present in the mind busily projecting that world you experience–allow that knot to go, and give thanks. Enjoy. Know that you and all are worthy of constant assistance.

Remember this whenever you feel a glimmer of tension: You can go out, or you can go in. You can ask for more discomfort and unhappiness by believing that the world you are making with thought is real, or you can go in. You can lie down on the energetic massage table and allow the remedy to be given to you. As you get up from the massage, shining with openness, relaxation, clarity, and light, you share the benefit of the remedy with all.

There is no more direct solution to the problems you perceive than allowing yourself to be cared for. This is important, so we will repeat it:
There is no more direct solution to the problems you perceive than allowing yourself to be cared for.

You are cared for not by anything in the world you are making with thought. You don’t have to lean on any aspect of that world to care for you. You are cared for completely and lovingly by the light you Are, and that is the same light everyone else Is.

Is is our delight to provide this loving care for you, and our delight to see you opening up to receive it.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Your energetic massage therapist

  1. I love the metaphor of a massage therapist. Your guides are very creative in coming up with so many different ways of getting their point across.
    Thank you for sharing these channelings.

    Liked by 1 person

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