There’s a place for us

There is a place that you can go in order to receive the next line you speak, and that space is not the personality, with all its perspectives and opinions. When you become aware of this place-that-is-not-a-place, you meet your Self. When you become aware of this place-that-is-not-a-place, you meet all those you call other. This place-that-is-not-a-place is what you have been covering up with all of your thoughts and opinions, and it has always been here for you. It is always here for everyone, and it is kind, boundless, and beautiful.

When you look at those you perceive as other, we invite you to see the body, the personality, and all the opinions and the perceived past associated with that body as a dried out sticker, peeling up at the edges. Lift the sticker up, and all you can see is light streaming forth. Only light. When you seem to have attached to one aspect of a dried out sticker, meaningless and valueless, just peel it back to gaze at what has always been underneath it. You used the image of the sticker to block out what is Real, and you can always stop and bask in what is Real.

We’d like to add that attempting to compare one dried out sticker to another dried out sticker is meaningless and valueless. Regarding yourself as a dried out sticker, as a body with opinions and perspectives and a perceived past–also meaningless and valueless. Gaze at the Light, always available through your ability to focus, and the Light will tell you of its meaning and value itself.

What gives you the prompt to pause and look beyond all dried out stickers to the Light? Being aware of your feelings. When you experience a not-good feeling, there is the prompt to look within, and as you’re looking at “your” within, you’re looking at everyone’s within. As you witness the egoic thinking causing not-good feelings, and as you allow layers and layers of it to unwind, you will encounter volcanoes of rage. This is a very good thing to see. Behind each egoic thought is a volcano of rage. While rage isn’t real or powerful, the mind dreaming up the illusion of rage is both real and powerful.

We advise you to look with interest and with celebration at this rage. As it is revealed, the insanity of attaching to egoic thought is also revealed. As rage is revealed, you can see this desire to try to make something be real that can never be real. You can feel this struggle against a power that cannot be overcome. The ego struggles to establish itself as real, but it will never be able to go past real-seeming. When you look at this, you begin to see that there is no need to struggle against the Real. You begin to see, in fact, that you Are the Real. Not only that, you are in good company. Everyone you perceive to be “else” is also the Real, held in peace forever beyond all struggle and rage and conflict.

As you begin to see what is Real, you also begin to see conflict in your hands, as something you dreamed up, as an image and an experience that you have held onto. From this perspective, it is easy to let go. When it is clear to you that it makes no sense at all to grasp an imaginary conflict, it also becomes obvious that you want to see what is Real instead.

Looking at that conflict in your hands, one that you picked up by choice, here is a useful way to see it. You made a little machine to churn out egoic thought, but the machine itself is an illusion. As you believe the thoughts that the machine streams to you, you believe that you are separate, in a body, in a separate and distinct place. You believe your happiness depends upon what happens to this body, and you believe that the body will die, so you believe you will die. All of your beliefs are made of egoic thoughts that make experience, and all the results of the untrue thoughts are unreal.

You are so accustomed to seeing and experiencing a world suggested by egoic thought, but if the way you have been seeing everything is unreal, what is Real? Your willingness to see what is Real brings forth that which will dissolve illusions, but you don’t have to fear the dissolution of illusions when you know they are not You and they are not Real. You can stand, steady and firm, always held in perfect love and peace, as what never had reality passes away. When all things that never had reality pass away, there You Are, untouched, pristine, innocent, forever alive and forever in joy.

In this world you are experiencing, the result of belief in egoic thought, everything that seems to happen is not coming at you like a missile. It seems like events come from outside of you to you, but we invite you to see it a different way. First thought, then experience. First belief, then repeated and seemingly “reliable” experience. For example, the reason that you experience what you call gravity as real is that you believe in it.

We don’t ask you to stop experiencing gravity, but we do invite you to recognize that gravity is not real. We give you this invitation in order to assist you in shifting your dependence from the unreal to the Real. There is something to lean on, something that always supports you, but it is not any of the concepts of this world. The something to lean on is prior to all illusion. What is prior to all illusion? Go within. Lean on that. Soon you will notice that any attempt to lean on an unreal aspect of your world brings up that fear alarm in some form. You will feel some subtle or overt anxiety or uneasiness in attempting to lean upon what has no stability and no reality. So no problem. Simply go to what is prior to all illusion and lean upon that.

When you go to what is prior to all illusion and you lean upon that, you stop requesting that the illusion take on specific forms in order to satisfy a false idea of yourself. You stop using illusion as your plaything. You realize that attempting to play with illusion brings pain, every time. So you stop. And you bask in what is Real. And you come to know Your Self and all selves as that.

It is our great delight to show you what is always Here for you. It is our great delight to show you what is always Here for all.

As I was receiving this message, I also received a prompt to listen to this song, and it helped me release what isn’t Real:

Photo by Mike Newbry on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “There’s a place for us

  1. The song made me chuckle. No idea why. Also, the pointer that gravity isn’t real. Cannot imagine ever getting rid of that belief, but the body seems just as real. The idea that belief comes before experience is hard to grasp, as experience seems to arise from sensory input. How to genuinely remove reliance upon or belief in our sensory experience without another experience to replace it?

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      1. That does seem like a practice I’ve seen mentioned a few different places: multiple shorts “moments” of returning throughout the day that may eventually lead to maintaining in that place for longer and longer stretches.

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