A constellation of separate and distinct things

You’re always experiencing what you want. Although it may not look this way, the initial desire was to have an experience of separation, and it is not possible to have an experience of separation from Peace while feeling perfect peace. Once you commit to the ride Home, you are carried by that peace back to the Peace that is your home.

You remember peace. You remember the value of that peace above all things. And you allow that peace to carry you Home. In the meantime, when something that seems to be the opposite of peace seems to come your way, it can be very helpful to remember that you wanted it that way. If you remember that you wanted it and that it comes only at your request to support a self concept hiding your true identity, then you will not get caught up in blaming other characters in the dream for your lack of peace. You can only experience a lack of peace when you wanted something else instead–some definition, some concept.

When you experience a lack of peace, and when it seems that you don’t get what the dream character of you wants, this is a wonderful opportunity. This is always your opportunity to dump the dysfunction. This is always your opportunity to choose something else. The gift of Peace is always right Here for you. Because Peace is what you are and what all who seem to be other truly Are, it cannot leave any situation in which you find yourself. Peace can only be covered up–by you, by the concepts to which you are attached. Dump the concepts, and the Peace becomes obvious, constant, and reliable.

When you are experiencing a lack of peace, the concepts that are the framework of the dysfunction have floated right up to the surface, as have the beliefs that support those concepts. Like skimming a pool, it is easy in these situations to find the concepts and the beliefs that are the true source of the problem. They are exposed, and now is the perfect time to look at them. When you look at them from the Light, they dissolve in the Light because they never had any substance.

You believe that there is a separate self, and you believe that this separate self wants separate and distinct things. All of the thoughts and beliefs supporting this illusion float up to the surface when you are upset or disturbed in any way. You believe that the separate self is real, and that there are other separate and distinct things that it doesn’t want. When these thoughts and beliefs float up to the surface, when they are exposed, you can choose to carry on with them as the bedrock of your experience, or you can choose to let them go. You believe that other separate selves are the same way–wanting and not wanting a constellation of separate and distinct things. You can choose to stay with what seems familiar, with limits that seem to keep you safe, or you can relax out of them into the undefined.

Your current experience is based on the perception of binaries, on the perception of the entire constellation of opposites. You believe that your character and other characters have some control over these binaries, like little gods. The most important binary that you can allow into your awareness is Real vs. not real. You can get very busy looking at the separate and distinct, assigning meaning and value to what looks separate and distinct, and playacting scenes of control over what seems to be separate and distinct.

The Real is your North Star. What is prior to the perception of all that seems to be separate and distinct? What is prior to all that seems to have separate value and meaning? There is your Real. With practice, with training, you align yourself with what is Real. You begin to develop faith and trust that that Real will take care of all that still seems to be separate and distinct. The Real is Peace. When you allow yourself to withdraw from the clamor of judgment of all that seems to be separate and distinct, Peace is here to guide you, to show you how Peace is what everyone “else” is, to show you how Peace is what you Are and always have been.

Logically speaking, if it is true that you always get what you want (and you do), then the perceived separate self that believes it has gotten something unwanted cannot be Real. At first, the dissolution of the perceived-as-separate self seems like death because there is such a strong habit of believing in it, of believing it to be assailed and attacked by what seems to be outside of it. These beliefs are only bundles of thoughts, and as the thoughts are released, the beliefs fall apart. You are perfectly safe in the falling apart, because it is not you that is falling apart. It is only what seems to make illusion real that is falling apart. You, as you Are–you cannot be touched or harmed by the unreal. If this is true of you, it must be true of all beings across time and space, without exception. It must be true because there is only One of you.

As you seem to wander through your constellation of separate and distinct things, we are Here with you Now and always to light the way back Home.

Photo by toan phan on Unsplash

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