The deletion of doubt

How deep is your doubt? We encourage you to investigate this. When you are feeling any uncertainty and doubt, go into it. How deep is it? As you enter it, how far does it go on?

The way that ego operates is that it sends you a lie, and then you believe it. Having believed a lie, you experience an uncomfortable emotion such as doubt, and then ego sends you another thought to distract you away from that uncomfortable feeling. If you believe it, you will experience again some subtle or overt discomfort. You develop a habit of turning to egoic thought for temporary distraction from the very feelings of discomfort that egoic thought causes.

Remember again that you invented ego for the distracting experience it gives you, so there is no other that put this system in place. There is no other oppressing you, and that means there is no other that you need to fight. Simply investigate. Look. Go in a direction opposite from the way ego would guide you. If you made it all up, then it is not real and you can let it go.

Doubt is finite, while love is infinite. There is an end to doubt, but there is no end to love. When you notice that you are experiencing doubt, look upon it as a temporary experience you gave yourself with thought. It cannot last forever, but love will last forever. When you are looking for something to lean upon, lean upon that which never shifts or disappears.

There is always an agreement to allow doubt to colonize your thinking. You can go back to the original agreement. See yourself at a table, thinking it was a good idea to sign that contract to allow doubt to colonize your thinking, believing uncertainty was just the distraction you needed. At the heart of every moment lie the means to back out of this agreement, to have it nullified. That purity, that light, that means to make doubt disappear–that is present at the heart of every moment as a gift for you and all. You only need to accept it.

Did you make a bargain with the devil? How did you come into this state of doubt about who you are, doubt about what upholds you and nourishes you and loves you? You invented it. You invented the very devil that bedevils you in the form of belief in egoic thought with experience to match. We say again, what you made up you can undo. You can see it is not and never has been real, and then you can look to what is Real to guide you. This opportunity is always present in every moment without exception.

We bring you to this: Truly there are no separate moments. There is just this one moment forever, and all the gifts it brings are extended to you eternally. You only need to reach out to accept them, knowing that you are fully worthy of all the gifts offered to you, recognizing that all your divine siblings, being One with you forever, are equally worthy always.

All disturbance comes from your mind and can end in your mind. When you feel doubt, look upon it as a temporary disturbance that you invited. In no way, shape or form is doubt caused by any one or condition that seems to be outside of you. Everything you experience as a physical one arises in mind. So go to the source–mind. Go to the root of that doubt. Don’t look at what ego says is causing it. Go right to the root. What was prior to that root? What was here before doubt appeared, and what will be here forever when doubt disappears? Lean on that now, and your foundation is stable.

All thought comes from the mind. Thought can come to you from the part of your mind forever untouched and undisturbed, or it can come from the part that you agreed to allow distortion to rule. When you experience doubt, you are looking at the agreement you made to allow distortion to rule perception. Nothing at all but you is holding you to this agreement. How do you feel about allowing this agreement to become null and void, right now? Would there be any problem with that? Any repercussion? Any loss of security? Simply look and see if anything arises.

The only thing that could arise, other than a certainty that you and all are safe and loved, is simply another form of doubt, and remember that doubt is temporary. Would you like to lean upon the eternal or the temporary today? When you lean upon the eternal, doubt disappears, along with the memory that it ever seemed to exist.

We always offer you the choice of the eternal, because we know you are our eternally divine sibling. Our role is to help you feel safe and welcome in accepting the gifts that are always available for you and all. It is our great joy to offer you these gifts of eternity in every moment.

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