A greater safety

As you go deeper through the layers of perception, the extremes perception shows you will have less and less meaning, and you’ll come to see that the light shining behind perception has all the meaning. Faith and trust will build. Faith and trust are building, and you will rest easy, relying upon the Light to be in charge of all things. Knowing that the light is present everywhere, in everyone, in every situation, and in everything, there is something Real for you to rely upon everywhere. You have every reason to rest easy–to be carried, to be held, to be shown.

As you begin to see how meaningless perception is, you become very willing to give up control to the One who knows what it’s doing. Through your understanding that that the character doesn’t know anything at all, you will wake up to the fact that the one you truly are does know what feelings seem to be present in any given moment.

You can know, then, whenever you are plugged into the fiction that the separate character knows what it is doing, knows what everything is, and knows what everyone is about, because being plugged into the fiction never feels good. Whenever you don’t feel good in any way, it is because you are plugged into and relying upon that fiction of separate characters and a shaky knowledge built upon the lie that separation is real, that it happened. Give thanks that you always know when you are asking a lie for direction.

The way ego works is that it sends blame thoughts about perceived harm. This is very distracting. When you know how ego works, whenever it is sending you blame thoughts about perceived harm, you can know that you have a choice to be distracted or not. Do you want to immerse yourself in the chaos of these blame thoughts? Do you want to go away from the direction of everything that would help you and all in this moment? Dropping the blame, you tune in to what is always truly present for you and all. You turn to what is Real for instruction, and your perception changes accordingly. All sense of threat fades away. You know that you are carried and held. You know there is nothing to fight.

When you learn to pause as ego offers a blame story, you learn to allow rigidity and opinion to wash away. In its place is an openness, a willingness to be shown, and ability to accept all the gifts that this moment can offer. What to do in the meantime, when you can observe rigidity and opinion in the one you see as separate, the one walking around with the name you call yours?

Remember that ego can make use of anything at all that seems to be a separate thing in this world. Holy Spirit can make use of anything at all that seems to be a separate thing in this world. Let’s say that you observe yourself depending on ritual, repetition, and opinion for a sense of safety. Are you the one who needs to make ritual go away? No, you simply place what you see as ritual in the hands of Spirit. You place repetition in the hands of Spirit. You say, “Do what you will with this. Show me the way.”

If you place all perceived-as-separate things in the hands of Spirit, then all perceived-as-separate things can be used on behalf of the awakening of you and all. Then if the perceived-as-separate things need to shift in some way, they shift in some way. You as a separate one don’t need to control it or judge it or drive it. This leaves you free to allow the idea of you as a separate one, a struggling one, to wash away. The idea of this separate one is not needed anymore.

Holy Spirit pries you loose from the specifics you have been holding onto for safety, and it shows you a greater safety. This is what happens when you turn all of the specifics over to Spirit. You realize that there is something here in every moment that will handle all of the details for you. Not most of the details–all of them.

Whenever you’re holding onto the idea of a specific, you think you’re controlling it. When you think you’re controlling a specific, you take on the burden of judging it. You take on the burden of guilt if your control over the specific seems to go badly, or you seek to move that blame somewhere else. When you understand that all separate-self control over specifics has always been an illusion, you find your willingness to see through that illusion, and then you are shown. Then you are willing to give up your perception of control over the the things that have never been separate–only seen that way.

It is our sparkling joy to show you this greatest safety in which you have always been held, this resting place where everything is provided for you, this love in which the way is always made clear and obvious. Rest here, and share this great rest with all.

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash

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