No separate meaning or value

Each day is a chance for the deep, dark horror of your most secret thoughts to be revealed. There is a layer of thinking underneath those surface thoughts that is vicious and terrifying, but it’s only terrifying if you do not know how to look at those thoughts. We are looking upon those thoughts with you, and we encourage you to claim them as your own, in the sense of not shying away from them.

If thoughts of terror and horror appear in your mind, we are looking with you. We are standing still with you until they cease lapping at your shore. These thoughts never have been you or anyone else. They have just been used in order to make separate selves believable. Perception of separate selves requires the pushing-away energy of fear and hatred. This is all you are witnessing–the suggestion to see selves as separate, presented in the form of fear.

Reaching a point of helplessness when it comes to this thinking is actually very helpful. You don’t want the fiction of the ego to attempt to handle these thoughts for you. The ego will cover these thoughts up with less disturbing layers of other thoughts that encourage you to continue to perceive beings as separate with separate meanings and values. If you begin to see the all of the distinctions are meaningless and valueless, then you are able to turn whatever remains of perception over to the One of us to use in the service of the awakening of all.

If you perceive separate bodies, that perception can be used in service to all, which never excludes you. If you perceive separate objects, that can be turned over to the One of us. If you perceive separate ideas, then the perfect ideas needed to guide you through every situation you experience are able to flow to and through you. The blocks to the flow of Love are dissolving, so even though perception still continues, what is perceived is given no separate and distinct meaning and value. Without giving what seems to be outside of you separate meaning and value, all that remains is the guidance that moves you through what you seem to see and experience.

You are the light that shines away untruth, and so are all. This light is simple. There is no complexity in it. In referring back to this light whenever complexity seems to arise in an attempt to run your story, you are guided. Ease steps into the foreground. It doesn’t matter what seems to be happening–guidance is here, and that helps you to relax into the fact that guidance is available for all now. If you focus on your intention to see the Light beyond all that your thoughts have made, the Light will become more Real to you than the illusions you have made.

Remember that the details of the drama you are experiencing matter not at all. The details of the drama that you seem to view outside of yourself matter not at all. Guidance is here, and guidance carries you through these stories you experience with maximum benefit to all. When you believe that there is a separate you who must assess and control, your brakes are on. We are teaching you how to keep your foot off the brake pedal by abandoning the egoic meaning-making that seems so familiar. When you engage in this meaning-making, you can feel the dissonance and disquiet of it. Allow it to unravel over “here,” and it will also begin to unravel over “there” in the mind where it still seems to be so precious to a you that you see as separate.

As analysis of the details of the drama becomes meaningless, guidance steps forward to replace that. No, nothing means anything separately, but that’s okay. Guidance is here, and it shows you where to go and what to do. It tells you what to say. It offers you ease. It shows you the reality of the Whole behind the perception of suffering ones. So all of your old assumptions mean nothing, but you are not left with nothing. You’re left with everything, presented to you as a golden strand that you can follow. Simply follow, and you are cared for.

It is our delight to show you both the simplicity and the never-ending support that are always here for all. You are all truly blessed and truly loved.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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