A permanent setting

God is stuck on a permanent setting–help. God is not a separate one who helps a separate you, but it is impossible to close the communication you have open with what you Are. You can ignore it. You can deny it. But you can never shut it off completely. This communication will show you a world of miracles, a world where the miracle is the only answer to any perceived difficulty, a world where every step is aided by the enormity and power of what you Are. You need not fear what your communication with God will show you.

When you understand that God is this always-stable source of help, then every being you meet or think of is ever-helpful. It is up to you to allow it. If you feel disturbed in any way about any of your fellow beings, you are feeling the edges of a determination not to allow Spirit to run things, a determination to turn away from the Whole and to forge ahead on your own. There’s one problem–“on your own” is fictional, and the reliance on the fictional can only ever lead to suffering. When you are truly tired of conflict and suffering, you turn to God–to the Wholeness of what you Are, of what everyone Is, to that which is prior to all concept.

Every being you meet gives you the opportunity to turn to God for guidance and interpretation, for instruction in how to look upon that one, how to respond to that one. Every being becomes as dear to you as every other being because there is only One, and each being comes to you as a representative and a reminder of that One.

Every being you think of can only do two things. The memory of that being can reflect back to you the joy that you are, or the memory of that being can indicate to you that you are clinging to something that would block joy from your sight. Both functions are a service to you. Give thanks. Every being is here to help. As you accept the help each being brings, as you find that gratitude and allow your mind to be cleared, you feel the results of the unblocking of that joy which is always streaming to you, which is always present at the core of every being.

Think of a situation in which you feel you are being ignored. If you feel you are being ignored, you have set up an expectation for that situation. You have decided in advance who should pay attention to you, and how much attention they should be paying. If the characters in your dream fall short in some way, you focus upon how the shoulds are not being fulfilled.

We promise you this: When you allow the characters to come to you without expectation, they are able to bask in the joy you actually are. You don’t want them to pay attention to “you,” because the you in this situation is fictional. That’s separate you. What doesn’t even exist needs no attention. When you place your focus upon what is Real and present in all–the Christ, the Oneness–then joy is present because the Oneness you all Are is your joy. You don’t need anyone else’s attention because there isn’t anyone else. The Oneness waits for your focus so it can bring you a reflection of the joy you Are.

Get into the habit of thanking every being who comes to you in the physical or in thought. If that thanking seems stilted or forced, give thanks. What you are feeling in that moment is exactly what you are holding up to block joy, exactly what you think protects separate-you. Now that you see that separate-you is a fiction, and all defenses of a separate you block joy, it is easy to drop the concepts that you once held onto with a death grip. As you drop the concepts, you also drop the fiction of death. As you focus upon the Real, the Oneness, you focus upon the reality of life everlasting, life that never needed a body to shine.

In the meantime, every body that seems to come to the body you see as yourself is an invitation and a reminder to look toward what shines. Every being who comes to you in thought can receive a genuine and warm welcome when you can see their invitation to drop concepts and to allow life to shine.

As you learn to accept the invitation that every being offers, you eventually allow what you seem to see on the surface to have no impact upon you. You don’t value a being more because what you seem to see on the surface seems more positive and wanted. You don’t value a being less because what you seem to see on the surface seems to be more negative and unwanted. You simply give thanks for how they, as they truly are, shine the way past this up-and-down roller coaster of judgment. Forget what ego says about any body. Simply find your willingness to look toward what they Are, and bask in that light.

Is is easy for you to see how we shine eternally, and soon it will be easy for you to see how all shine eternally. This paves the way for being able to look upon yourself as that eternal light. Whenever we celebrate–and we celebrate eternally–we are giving thanks for the Light you Are.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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