A total commitment

We invite you to find your willingness to face the deeply uncomfortable without looking further than your own thoughts for the cause. People sometimes say that you should “get real.” This is getting very real. If you are having any problems with your experience, it is your thoughts that cause the perception and the experience of those problems. When you become aware of those thoughts, you can also become aware of the light shining beyond them. You can allow all of the significance to drain from the thoughts that caused the discomfort. You can ask the light to supply any thoughts you need in exchange.

We invite you to the idea of subsiding. The discomfort that assists in revealing disturbed thinking–this subsides when you train your focus upon what is Real. Noticing that you have been holding onto thoughts that ego sends–this wakes you up to the opportunity you have Now. You can make a bargain with ego. You can take ego’s solution to the discomfort, which is to find a cause seemingly outside of you, to address this cause, and to experience a temporary relief from this discomfort.

You can also reach out for relief that lasts–freedom from egoic thought. When you check to see what thoughts you are believing, when you hold the awareness that the Light will supply any thoughts you need, you are reaching beyond temporary solutions. Your happiness lies in what is beyond time and space.

There is this presence that is always Here and always Real, and the unreal always subsides before it. Many times each day, you have the opportunity to notice that you are playing with aspects of the unreal. Any negative emotion is simply your alert that a reset is needed and available. Reach out for that reset, and you stay open to what is truly helpful to all.

You can allow all of your perception of the unreal to be used in service to your remembrance of the Real. Whenever you feel any discomfort, it is always due to perception. What do you think you see, and what do you think it means? What is perception for? Is it to prove that a separate one exists? Is perception here to advance the agenda of a separate one?

If you wish, all of perception can be used to free you and all. Rather, perception can be used to bring you into the awareness that you and all have always been free and will always remain so. So what is perception for? How do you want it to be used today? It is always up to you.

Total commitment is always your option. In any situation in which you find yourself, what comes next can make the separate self prominent in your sight, or it can make the True Self prominent. Learn to choose consistently that which will illuminate True Self, and there is your happiness, a happiness you can share with all.

Happiness is all we have, and happiness is all we can share. It is our delight to share it always with you.

Photo by Prashant Gurung on Unsplash

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