Allow the change Change is a blessing. The part of you that wants to hold things in place, keep things the same, keep people and events away from you--that part is the part that doesn't exist. It seems real because it sends thoughts to you, but it is a hallucination. As you stop identifying with it, you … Continue reading Allow the change

Blessings One of ego's greatest hits is the idea of someone or something causing disaster. Something or someone, apparently outside of you, will cause something bad to happen. This is how ego's story goes, and when the story looks attractive, you are choosing fear's grip. Remember that there is nothing outside of you. Recognize that … Continue reading Blessings

Deep into the blessing Everyone is the formless. Think about this whenever you are looking at a form and believing that it is something. It is a representation. It has something to teach you. But you are not form, and neither is anyone else. Allow, then, all of the forms you seem to see and experience to teach … Continue reading Deep into the blessing

I thank you and I bless you We wish to emphasize to you the importance of the mind-to-mind connection you have with all beings across time and space. Your mind-to-mind connection is what joins you, and you can only be joined by love. We say that the connection is mind-to-mind, because this terminology serves you best at this point. However, there … Continue reading I thank you and I bless you

Minds connected in blessing A blessing is available at any time. Whenever you find yourself thinking thoughts unrelated to blessing, stop. You are in control of your mind, and you can decide the direction it takes. It is the acceptance of blessing that eases everyone's burden. If you are busily thinking about one burden or limit as if … Continue reading Minds connected in blessing

Looking at a blessing We ask you not to worry about actions in life. Think of the all that will drop away when you stop worrying over actions--your own actions or those of another. Think of a deep relaxation that comes from this letting go, the ease. When you think of that ease, see yourself as cradled in … Continue reading Looking at a blessing