The purpose of body perception

You are the Light, and only the Light. You can come into the willingness to see reflections of Light everywhere. Anything you think you want in this world, it compares not at all with the ability to see reflections of Light everywhere. When you think you want something specific, you are seeing lack and looking for satisfaction. The perception of lack is based on thought sent to you by ego. The idea that you need satisfaction is based on thought sent to you, at your request, by ego. You have the opportunity to rise above all that you have requested ego to send to you, to access the flow of thought from Source, to allow thought from Source to tell you anything you need to know.

How do you “do” this? How to you bring that switchover online, from following egoic thought to following thought from Source? You don’t “do” anything. You simply enter a state of willingness, and then you learn to remain there–opening, listening, receiving. Picture two floors of a building. You have trained yourself to remain on the first floor, which is where you receive egoic thought. When you allow the switchover from egoic thought to thought from Source, you allow yourself to be trained into going to a new spot for reception. You go to the second floor. You are very accustomed to receiving on the first floor, but you are being trained to go to the second floor and to stay there.

Sometimes you find yourself in the stairwell, hearing the echoing announcements and pronouncements from ego, and you come back to yourself. “Oh my goodness! Those aren’t true! I’d better go back upstairs.” You may be more accustomed to your chair downstairs, but now you know that to sit in your chair downstairs is to sit in insanity. There is nothing comfortable about it. That’s okay, because you have the second floor, even it it isn’t familiar yet. There is a chair for you here. There is a place for you to receive here.

That is only a metaphor, of course–one way for you to see it. There are other ways for you to see the opportunity to accept thought from Source.

If it seems you are not looking at a reflection of the Light, it is time for the CTRL + ALT + DEL function. The control-alt-delete signifies your awareness that there are programs running that interfere with smooth functioning. Pressing the control and alt keys signifies your awareness that it is time to switch the perception of control from ego to Source. Pressing the delete key means that you are willing to have revealed all of the programs that are running in the background, and you are willing to shut them down. It means that you are willing to have all of the unhelpful thinking flushed from your mind. If you are not seeing the light, then it is time to have your mind wiped clean of all that is blocking the light. 

It is always your thinking that seems to eat you alive, not an actual defect, deficiency or flaw located in any particular place. All of that looking outside, all of those attempts at analysis and figuring out, trying to find the problem in another one, in a condition, in a limit, in the separate one you call yourself–all of that is the thinking that blocks the light. You know by how it feels. It is always very simple. 

When you see that you have been invested in blocking the Light, you become willing to be shown the way out of this habit. You put the body under the control of what you really Are, not under the control of the character you’ve been trying to be. Every thought about this character you’ve been trying to be, it covers over the very clear guidance is that available for you right now. 

You stop listening to this constant commentary about the separate one labeled with your name, about all the separate others in your experience, about all of the conditions that seem to be in your world, about what every separate thing seems to mean. When this commentary dies down, then you can hear. You can hear the guidance, the very simple instructions that have always been here for you. You can simply fall into that flow without commentary, and there is ease. 

As you realize that this is the only purpose of a body perception, you allow your perception of bodies that look like “other” to show up in the flow, as role models of this flowing. How you see and experience all the beings you seem to meet in thought and in thought-made-physical–it’s entirely up to you. As you allow the flow to carry you, you go deep into the willingness to see all beings as they truly are, and then you see the Light everywhere, in everything, in every situation, beyond all labels and judgments. 

We laugh with you as you notice the shining that has never stopped for an instant, as you feel the power of this Light you share equally with all, as you understand the simplicity and the beauty of it. We laugh, and we celebrate.

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

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