The comfort of simultaneity

You don’t need to give yourself time to heal. Sometimes you use the concept of time as a soother, but we’re gently directing you away from that into the Now. Because you are willing to have your head turned, we are nudging your gaze over from the unreal to the Real. We work as gently as possible. We step over and around the beliefs that you still think are real, and some of those also fall away as we do our work. As we work, the Love we bring to your attention holds you up, fills you, surrounds you. We work with you so you can see what truly supports you, so you feel able to let what seemed real and solid drain out of your mind, knowing it is not needed.

We said that you do not need to give yourself time to heal. This is because you have already attempted to give yourself time, and you have already failed. Time is not real. The remainder of your experience of time will be used for healing, but it is beneficial to hold your attention on the fact that time itself is not real. Ego sends many time-related thoughts, and you will see their senselessness more quickly if you don’t fall for the time seduction.

Why do we call this a time seduction? Because everything you Are is Now. Everything Real is Now. Thoughts of time seduction tell you that the good things will come to you in time, when all that is good-without-opposite is available to you Now. Thoughts of time seduction tell you that there is time to compensate for errors that you have made, when you as a separate physical one doesn’t exist. It is just another thought of ego. Therefore, that one, not existing, has never done anything wrong or anything right. It has never done anything at all. Time seduction requires that you stay in the perception that the physical one is separate, real, and capable of right-doing and wrong-doing.

The only purpose of time is healing, and healing is withdrawal from the belief in time. We refresh and renew your sets of concepts along the way until you do not need concepts anymore. Even this perspective is linear–it is an echo of time. We will use all the concepts to which you are attached to help you detach from all concepts. Don’t worry about how it is being done, just know that it is already accomplished, and listen.

We offer you a replacement binky–the simultaneity. We call this a binky, a pacifier, so you can be clear that we are giving you not ultimate truth, which can’t be spoken, but a concept that will help you to detach from concepts. It will help you come into the Now, to trust, to let go, to forgive, to release guilt. You won’t have your binky forever because you don’t need your binky forever.

With that understanding, we give you the simultaneity. This is the idea that everything is happening at once. There is no time, but believing in time, many separate things seem to be caught up in this time story. Many things seem to have happened along a timeline. You assume that separate and definable things will continue to happen along a timeline. You think that now is what connects the past separate happenings to the future separate happenings.

See this timeline as a line of interconnecting puzzle pieces. This is how you look at it. And you see the now as whatever puzzle piece in this line that you happen to be experiencing. Now pick up all the puzzle pieces. Allow them to crunch together. Allow them to fall apart. You’re not hurting or disturbing anything real. Drop all of the puzzle pieces in a tall, narrow drinking glass. There’s your binky–the simultaneity. It’s the idea that all of these things are happening at once.

Actually, none of these things has ever happened at all, and that’s why the simultaneity is your binky. It’s only a temporary (there’s that time language) comforter. When all seemingly separate events are all jumbled together like that, it interrupts your perception of causation, of one thing leading to another in a way that makes sense. Time is senseless. Put the perception of time where it can be healed. When you dump all of time into this glass of light, you give up the perception of the line and the perception of cause and effect. Then all of the pieces can be reached and healed very quickly.

Go back to your timeline of interconnecting puzzle pieces. Let’s say that you have a flashlight that represents healing, and when you shine the light on each piece, one at a time, in time, that perception of that individual piece is healed. But when you dump all of the pieces together in the glass of light, they are all healed together. Each seemingly individual piece is a the same degree of senselessness, and all of the pieces are healed together.

When you believe you are a separate physical one, or even when you believe that you are a mind separate from all the other minds, you see the past experience as a guilt and the future as the opportunity to make up for the guilt. You would have no perception of a future at all if you were not attached to thoughts of guilt and separation. The ego would tell you that you need to see all of these separate puzzle pieces that make up the timeline, so you can see what in particular you did wrong and what in particular you’d like to fix.

When you dump all of the puzzle pieces into the glass of light, there is no way for your perceived-as-separate self to make any sense of them, no way for your perceived-as-separate self to handle them or do anything about them. This is your simultaneity binky. We give you this comfort to replace the sense that you as a separate one must attempt to control separate events. We take you out of the linearity of guilt and tell you, “Don’t worry. We will handle all events from here on out. There is no way your perceived-as-separate self can make any sense of them, and that’s okay. You will be told everything you need to know.”

Thoughts from the ego need the foundation of your perception of the timeline as these individual stuck-together puzzle pieces. Without this foundational perception, the other thoughts the ego sends to you lose all of their meaning. This is the healing–ego’s thoughts losing meaning and significance.

Whenever you feel physical or emotional pain or discomfort, the cause is always attachment to thoughts ego has sent. In order for you to detach from these thoughts, they must become preposterous and senseless to you. This is what you’re in the middle of right now, and this is why you have been given the simultaneity binky. Or the simultaneity glasses. Or the simultaneity blanket. It is both a comforter and a clarify-er. As you accept these successive binkies, your sense of tension between and separation from those you call other diminishes and eases.

Every being you encounter in thought or in thought-made-physical can reflect timelessness back to you if you allow it. We give you the simultaneity lens to bring you out of the imprisonment in which you feel compelled to cast your fellow beings in roles of cause and effect. We give you the simultaneity so you can see the light of timelessness shining right through them.

Thank you for basking in the Now with us, where there is no past or future.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “The comfort of simultaneity

  1. What a Life-Saver this was! Glass of Light . . . Simultaneity Binki! Love it, love it, love it! Thank you for this Soul-full work and guidance in the Now! Blessings. ๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿฅฝ๐Ÿ‘“โŒ›๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’–

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