Behind the haze

Whenever you are looking upon “another” and feel any disturbance at all, you are looking upon your projection. The disturbance is experienced because you are projecting what you are not instead of allowing extension of what you Are, so the disturbance is a useful alarm. Projection always brings unhappiness, and extension always brings joy. When you notice that you are projecting what you are not out into the world you make with thought, become aware that when you believe a thought from ego, it results in the projection of a world devoted to one outcome–the enactment of your death.

You do get to make this choice with every thought. You can choose a world of projection devoted to the goal of death. Your death. The world of your projection results in your faked death, the physical experience of a death of a body with which you identify. You can also choose a world devoted to demonstrating life eternal. The second choice is far less familiar to you than the first, but the fact remains that you have these two choices with every thought.

You can become determined to recognize when you are gazing upon a projection. In your relationships, whenever you feel a sense of disturbance, you can go straight to your willingness to see the ones you are with as they truly Are. If you are looking upon something that seems to disturb, know always that it is because you have chosen this frame of reference. It is impossible for you to be a victim of person or circumstance, no matter what thoughts ego may send your way to tell you this is so. Remember the impossibility of victimhood, and find your willingness to be shown the Truth. Life will show you when you ask.

What seems to cause the disquiet? It’s something you think is a truth about that one. Actually, it’s a haze of egoic thought, and it’s appropriate to feel disquiet when gazing upon a haze of egoic thought. You want to know when you are gazing upon a haze of egoic thought as if it is real, so feelings that get your attention are very useful. Just remain aware that these feelings that something is wrong are never anyone’s fault. Your feelings seem to be about situations and conditions, but feelings of disquiet always tell you when you are gazing upon that haze, thinking that it is real.

When you become aware that you have been gazing at the haze, simply go to your willingness. Instead of looking at the unreal as if it is Real, what are you willing to see? What are you willing to be shown? If you allow clarity to come to you, it will come. If you keep your focus upon flaws and faults and all things unreal, clarity will wait until you are ready.

Remember this anytime you’re with another, anytime you think of another: You always have the opportunity to see the truth of that one, to see what they Are instead of looking upon the haze ego conjures around them. Make this the highest priority–seeing and knowing all as they truly Are–and you will be able to see your Self as you truly Are. There is only one Self, and you can see it everywhere.

You’re used to thinking the haze is real and believing the haze. The Light behind the haze is Real. The haze means nothing. It is only meant to distract you from the Light. When you feel disquiet of any kind, find your willingness to shift your focus from the chaos of the haze to the order of the Light.

Any positive or negative past associations about separate someones are the egoic haze. Positive or negative. If you think that only one has a positive prize such as peace, you will inevitably draw comparisons and meet one who seems to lack peace. All Are peace. Find your willingness to see equality and sameness among beings. To think that one is especially this or that is to distract yourself with the haze.

Notice how ego sorts beings into categories and then remembers those categories. There may be one you think lacks peace. So then when you think of that one you think of lack of peace. When you go to meet that one you expect to meet lack of peace. Looking through the haze, you can see, in any moment, who and what that one truly Is. When you are able to see all beings as entirely without lack, as having no advantage that another being lacks, then you are seeing through the haze. How can Light have an advantage over Light? How can Light lack something that Light has?

Only in a story about time and space could any being seem to have an advantage over another being. Time and space are the haze. Time and space are the fiction. Time and space provide the ego with the means for chopping up perception. Time and space are no hindrance to Light. They can only cover over and distort the Light if you want them to perform this function for you.

When you feel disquiet, you are asking for time and space storytime from ego. You want ego to send thoughts that you can use to block the light. Once you realize that asking for time and space storytime hurts, you stop. It becomes very clear that asking for storytime hurts. Ego would tell you that bad and nasty aspects of the stories are real and would hurt you, but it is asking for storytime that truly hurts.

Remember that Spirit can and will use everything ego made to bring you back to your Self. Simply ask for storytime that helps you see Light. Ask for each seen-as-separate aspect of the haze to be used in the service of the awakening of all. All you have to do is to flip that switch instead of seeing your seen-as-separate self or anyone’s seen-as-separate self as stuck in that haze.

It is our great joy to remind you of your ability to choose the Light.

Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Behind the haze

  1. A Brilliant Teaching, Julie and Your Team! So much of our precious energy and attention gets expended in catering to the the haze and story time. If we only knew that all that we needed to do was: ‘flip the switch’, we would ‘get out of jail free’.πŸ˜„ Now my question to you, Julie, is HOW Do YOU manage to hold This perspective about ‘Behind the Haze’ while at the same time, juggle around your family and everyday life? Just curious. πŸ€”πŸ€—πŸ™„πŸ˜

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    1. Thanks, Vanita πŸ™πŸ’š

      I love the storytime explanation, too! It was very helpful for me.

      In answer to your question, I don’t hold the perspective. πŸ˜„ But I am learning how with teachings like these. I stop a lot during the day to remind myself, often with a lesson from A Course in Miracles. I have more to say, but family calls. I will stop back later… πŸ’—

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      1. So I got a chance to reflect on this, and it gave me a chance to appreciate how much easier things have become. My focus is much more on the thinking now instead of on what seems to be happening. There’s also a lot more appreciation for how everything is an opportunity, how everything is helping me. So I feel more supported by all the little details in life, less assailed.

        I’m also noticing a sincerity about really seeing everyone as they are. In the perceived past, I was too caught up in evaluating and judging to see this opportunity, and now it’s much more accessible, so I’m grateful for that. No matter what our situations are or how busy or challenging they seem to be, they are *for* us, so the gratitude is more immediate.

        Realizing that I am not the do-er, there is only pressure to do when I am caught up in a delusion, and I know how to stop and allow that to drain away. Trying to think of a specific example…

        Disagreements between and among kids. I don’t have to do anything! That is amazing to me. I only have to sit and allow my own thoughts to come up, allow my own thoughts to drain away, and know that the kids have helped me by exposing this tension. So, for example, if my twin five-year-olds start having a problem with one another, they say whatever they want to me about how they see the situation. They may cry, be held, be hugged. Almost never am I called upon to intervene. I just listen and hold. I don’t even offer solutions most of the time. I’m just there, and I know I’m being served.

        And then…it’s over. And they bounce away as if nothing happened. The storm came, the storm left, and that’s it. There are exceptions. I may get called upon to say or do something, but I don’t have to know ahead of time, and I don’t have to plan on it. The burden of doing it right is lifted, and that’s a relief.

        How is it for you, Vanita? πŸ’—

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  2. Thank You, Julie, for your sharing of Your Wisdom, journey and Humility. 🧑

    What you put forth is very helpful. It’s all about viewpoints, isn’t it? And Perspective, the Spiritual Perspective? Thank you for sharing how you manage disturbances or dissensions in your personal life. I love the attitude of non-interference and allowing. And the letting go of the conditioning to’ DO it ‘right”.

    We are the Choice-makers of our own personal journey. How much we want to get ‘Involved’ is up to us. We can be the ‘Watchers’ and Observers of our experiences, or we can get into the ‘Haze’ again, unconsciously.

    My personal experience has brought me to a state of Neutrality as well. Yogic training has served me well in letting go of control, and realizing that everything Is after all Energy and is Vibrational. I understand that Whatever I ‘put out’, returns to me manifold.

    I have found a good medium in my interactions with loved ones, where I can express myself as my ‘beyond the haze’ being (if they are open), or simply allow their expressions to be what they may believe to be true (haze?) for them. (We are All journeying upwards together, with our differing Levels of Consciousness). Quite often though, I get rolled-eyesπŸ™„ or loss of interest (my only mini challenge) when I go into a spiel about my Esoteric findings. So the Conversations return to the Mundane (which is a non-interest for me). I have to suppress my Excitement about what I glean from ‘Beyond the haze’. One day, one day . . . .πŸ€”
    Still the LoveπŸ’– is very present in our everyday life, and for that I am very Grateful.

    Finding that Happy Medium of Acceptance and Allowing is the key, as you mention, dear Julie. I thank you once again for your sharing, and for your continued guidance. Peace be with you. πŸ€

    Much love,

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    1. Thank you, Vanita. That was beautiful 🌼

      It *is* all about perspective, and what a relief to know that it can be provided for us–everything a gift, and nothing we have to invent.

      I have definitely learned from my kids’ resistance to any launching into explanation, to their almost-immediate tuning out if I think I need to convey something. It’s fun to see that there is something prior to that I that thinks it needs to do something, and what a relief to know that there is something to fall back into in those moments–to relax back into prior-to-separate-identity, to see how doing can happen from there.

      So much of this is about relief. What a relief to know that I can’t run into anyone but a masterful teacher, whether they seem to know it or not!

      Love you, Vanita, and thanks again so much for sharing here πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

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