Ice melting

When you hit that next layer of egoic thinking, it can seem solid and impenetrable and thick. Emotions might be very strong. You will pass through this, and you will leave it behind. It is inevitable. As you see that your happiness cannot possibly lie in any separate form in this world, you stop blocking the flow of happiness.

Dispelling is what is happening. As this thought-ice is melting, as you allow thinking to fade away, what happens is that all of the magical properties with which you have invested separate forms begin to fade away, too. Dispelling is the magic being removed, and the miracle being allowed to shine forth. In this sense of magic, we mean the limited idea that one form can and does cause another form. This is and always has been an illusion, and illusion has always been chaos.

When we say magic, we refer to the illusion. When we say miracle, we refer to the light that you allow to shine forth through the illusions. What better to dispell illusion, this overlay of one form’s relationship to another form, than the light of divine order? Divine order, called upon in every moment of disquiet, shines forth to dispell illusion. Undoing magic. That is what is happening here. The magic seemed very real, and it never was real. The light of the miracle shines forth to show you this. When you lose your fear of the light, you allow the miracle to shine forth.

Forms and decisions about forms come with limits. As you allow limits to be lifted, anything is possible, and by any means. In other words, physical means are not necessary for happiness and healing. The only thing that brings health and happiness is the light, not some relative opposite. In ceasing your seeking for relative opposites, you acknowledge the presence of the light that shines away all opposites, and you allow your fear of this light and what it does to drain away.

Any fear you have in this world–it’s about your fear of this light and how it is inevitable that it will shine away your kingdom of opposites. If you see that you are in no way this kingdom of opposites, then it’s okay if it disappears. First the kingdom seems to turn into something entirely benign, reflecting back to you a mind at peace, a mind from which guilt has been removed. Then it disappears because you can see you have no use for it.

We use metaphor until you don’t need it anymore. Every seeming separate thing in this world is a symbol. Not a single one of the symbols is real, but we can work with those symbols even as you detach from your thoughts about them. You job is to allow each and every symbol to be used in Love’s service. When you feel disquiet or disturbance of any kind, you are judging. This means you are making real what is fake, and that is very confusing. When you return to the awareness that you want all of the symbols of the world to be used to free you and all from your willing imprisonment here, the feeling of disquiet disappears.

The feeling of disquiet disappears, not because something in the world changed to please you or to make you more comfortable in this physical environment designed to kill bodies. The feeling of disquiet disappears when you turn your attention away from the false, back to what is real–away from a judgment, back to the willingness to allow all symbols to be used by Spirit on behalf of awakening. In this way the ice is melting, and you are the one who allows it to melt. Like Elsa in Frozen, you can delay the melting of the ice, but you cannot hold it off forever. The ice can only be temporary.

If a physical issue comes up, it is an invitation to sit for a few minutes to allow the light to shine through beliefs about the physical. You believe in certain laws about the physical, and allowing these beliefs to be swept away is the ice melting. What would happen if you realized that physical laws are optional? Chaos? That’s the trick. Time and space was designed to distract you with chaos, and what ego tells you about time and space is that it is very orderly. Ego’s “orderly” is an illusion, and the Light will show you this if you are willing to see. You need not depend upon anything other than this divine order.

As you pause and stop, you allow the teachings to go deeper and the reactivity to diminish. You allow reliance on perception of the physical to fade away. As you allow this, desire for aspects of the physical also fades away. Your desire, more and more, is simply for this light and the freedom it offers to all without exception.

It is not your job to make desires related to time and space go away. Simply notice how they begin to lose their hold as you refer more and more to the Light, as you become more willing to simply sit in the presence of this Light, alive in everyone and everything everywhere, as you allow this Light to have its way, over and beyond anything the ego would tell you about “your” way.

Our way is the way of Light, and of course it is your way. As you allow the ice of egoic thought to dissolve into the nothingness it always was, everything you need is right here in the Light.

Photo by Jeremy Goldberg on Unsplash

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