Equal replaces ego

You don’t need any evaluation from the world. All have already been evaluated, and they have been found equal. Nothing can change this evaluation. You can, by choice, obscure it. Whenever you have a feeling of disquiet, this is what it tells you: You have chosen to cover up the reassurance of our shining equality with an illusion. You can choose again. Our shining equality is also your safety. That feeling of disquiet means that you have chosen to cover up the truth of your safety with an illusion. Just ask to see it differently, and you will be shown.

Before you ask for a form that is different from the form you are observing, ask to see differently the form you are observing. This bears repeating.

Before you ask for a form that is different from the form you are observing, ask to see differently the form you are observing. Ego’s trick is that it tells you that some forms are good, while some forms are bad. All forms are illusion. Allow Spirit to use the illusion to set you free. It doesn’t matter what the illusion is. Just allow Spirit to use it. If you wish for a different illusion, you get a chance later on to allow Spirit to use the illusion. Take the chance you have right now. If you want to be happy, take the chance you have right now.

When you feel a thought from ego, you can request a thought from equal–from our equality. Thoughts from ego torment you. You may have had enough of torment by now. Thoughts from our equality cause everything you need to fall in your lap. Thoughts from our equality open up the path in front of you in a way that is very clear. Thoughts from our equality make each and every step very clear. With practice, you will come to trust and rely upon these thoughts.

This is how you allow large burdens to fall away. Let your feelings teach you to request thoughts from our equality. Thoughts can come from equal or from ego. Thoughts from Equal uplift and guide and supply. Thoughts from ego hurt. It becomes very easy to feel the difference.

When someone says something to you, it is either Spirit or a layer covering Spirit that is the way you hear. Do you want to hear with Spirit’s ear or with illusion’s ear? Ask for Spirit’s instruction in all things. Spirit is right here to interpret every little thing for you. You don’t have to worry about what will happen. You have no way of judging what people say to you. Simply allow Spirit to do all of the interpreting.

A character like Jesus simply demonstrates a helpful orientation toward Spirit. We wish to reinterpret “He died for your sins.” He allowed his belief in your sins to die, and because he allowed it, he allowed his belief in his own sins to die. He is here now to assist you as you allow belief in sin to die. Whatever you are experiencing now–it is a means of allowing your belief in sin to die. Give thanks for the means, and put the goal in Spirit’s hands. Your hands do not need to be burdened. Just know that you are held and carried.

We delight in being carried in the light always, and we know that you have always been here with us. We wish you the joy of remembrance–remembering what has always been true.

Image by Justin Phillips from MindVenture Club (a creative arts club on Facebook)

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