True nectar

What you want is the purity of the message. There is always a message available for you, whenever you need it. Ego makes the same offer, along with the drug of a bewildering constellation of emotions that make separate-you and separate-other feel very real. If you try to run away and hide from ego’s offer without reaching through to the real message available to you at all times, you remain bewildered.

Ego can offer you a seemingly safe and narrow emotional range or a wide and variable emotional range. It’s the same drug, and the emotions are the signal that you have accepted ego’s judgments. When you approach ego’s offer, unafraid, and you reach through for what lies beyond, there is no instability. There is peace. There is upliftment. There is being carried.

It seems that you are a body. It seems that you move about in a physical world with distinct forms. You are unable to judge the forms, and you are unable to determine what to do. If you feel any distress, it is because you have forgotten this. In these moment of distress, you reach beyond. You reach beyond what you have known before, willing to receive.

There is a setting you can be in at all times. It is a setting of total reliance upon Spirit for all things. It is a setting you still leave by choice when you believe there is a separate you to handle the perceived things of the world. This time is a period of learning how to stay in the setting, how to not stray from the setting.

If you feel any stress, it is because you are attempting to feed on approval or disapproval (your own or someone else’s) instead of the love that is prior to all form. You are a hummingbird. Love is the nectar that nourishes truly. There seems to be another offering, a false nectar that will satisfy. It brings only suffering.

You don’t even need to feed on this true nectar of love. It is one with you. It is you, and it can flow from you, offering the deepest nourishment to all. You can see all you call other as exactly the same–offering the deepest nourishment to all simply because of what they truly are. Are you willing to see all in this way?

If you feel any stress, it is because you believe the form is real. Sight of content never causes stress. There are many forms in this world, but all conceal the same content–love. Are you ready to see? Surface differences are only a distraction. Are you ready to look past all of them?

What the world of form doesn’t recognize–Spirit–is here to guide you through your experience of form. Call it a gentle awakening. Spirit carries you softly, in a shining innocence that you can see sparkling back at you from everyone and everything. Are you ready to see?

We always wait until you are ready, and it is our delight to assist you into readiness.

Painting and photo by Margriet Hassink

5 thoughts on “True nectar

  1. “When you approach ego’s offer, unafraid, and you reach through for what lies beyond, there is no instability. There is peace. There is upliftment. There is being carried.”

    This feels like awareness to me. Like, stepping out of the ego reaction just enough to look at it. No judgment, no thought, just look at it. And it’s amazing how suddenly you can then see right through it, what was a muddle of emotions and thoughts, you can see straight through it. And that alone can be freedom.

    Thank you for sharing.

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