Emotion of the day: Dismay

https://youtu.be/ecy5fSSGYSs We want to sit with you and take a slow-motion look at the emotion of dismay. The emotion of dismay is connected to very repetitive thoughts, and as you break it down and look at it, it will trouble you no more. Instead, situations in which you are accustomed to dismay will be situations … Continue reading Emotion of the day: Dismay

Love takes care of all things

https://youtu.be/BgOfFYiSyxw If you are Love, the simplest answer in any situation is to allow the Love you are to shine through you. Love expressed meets all needs and takes care of all things. What would stop the Love you are from shining through you? Only you. If you attach a value to blocking love, you … Continue reading Love takes care of all things

Geography of the soul

What separates you from others? What could possibly keep you from experiencing the love that you are with your divine siblings? What seems to keep you apart from the joy that you are? Specific things will arise. As these seeming-specifics arise, it is always your opportunity for joyous release. Each time one of these seeming … Continue reading Geography of the soul

Move slowly through the day

https://youtu.be/E9qjbOZN-DA When you can, move slowly through the day. Feel the feelings. Notice. As a contracted feeling comes up: Inhale ❤️️ On the exhale: I am aware of this feeling of _________ related to _________. Inhale ❤️️ On the exhale: I am willing to feel this feeling of _________. Inhale ❤️️ On the exhale: I feel my willingness to release fear … Continue reading Move slowly through the day

I will not hide it

https://youtu.be/6RQXEz0xDVs When a contracted emotion arises: I recognize this as another form of fear I will not hide it I will not hide from it I feel my willingness to release fear and allow peace and inspiration to take its place I am happy to have this opportunity to accept all that is good into … Continue reading I will not hide it

The Green Phantom

https://youtu.be/n3-LNvDByMc I feel jealousy. I don't like it. It would be nice if I didn't feel this way repeatedly. Because I finally realized I've been trying to self-manage jealousy, I was able to get a class in it today from nonphysicals.  When I say this, I mean that they explained it to me while I … Continue reading The Green Phantom