The essential nature of everyone

There are many ways to receive guidance. In some cases, writing down what is heard can help to keep the channel open. In other cases, walking or another activity can help keep the channel open. Activity will be used by Spirit as it is appropriate. The point is, is that a channel opens, and it’s a conduit to who you and all Are. The point of this is to allow the channel to open, to stay within the spaciousness there, and to learn to be still within this spaciousness at all times, keeping the channel open at all times. The channel, the seeming conduit to your True Self, is the conduit to the True Self of all.

We speak of “channel” in the sense of what connects you to your True Self. Sometimes the word “channel” is used to refer to the body, that which seems to be the one who allows the connection. The connection is in mind. We’re speaking of the connection itself. Words eventually become meaningless. What connects light to light? Light! What connects love to love? Love! We’re speaking of what you allow to open up. You’re experiencing all of these constructs within illusion, and then you allow a channel to the Real to open up.

We want to show you how, right now, everyone receives guidance in the appropriate form. Your belief in everyone’s right-now guidance gives you consistent access to yours. One way of looking at this is to say that when you are pointed inward, the glow of True Self, the call of True Self makes itself apparent to everyone. Only an attachment to the past could seem to bring you “back” to a world in which the separate selves do not seem to hear the same call you do.

Another way of saying this is that they’re good. They’re in good hands. All of those others who seem to be “out there” in a world when you go in? You place them all in the hands of what you go in to, whenever you go in. Recognizing how blessed and loved they all are by going in? This is the highest service you can do another, and that service which you perform for another, you perform for yourself. It can never be any other way.

What you refuse to allow another to have, you refuse to allow yourself and all others in your sight to have. It’s important to see your connection to the divine as the connection available to all right now. If you sort them into categories of this one understanding and this one not understanding, you’re going to affect your own understanding. You are going to place your own analysis of the illusion higher than guidance, and you are going to turn to that instead of that which will be truly helpful for you and all.

This is only if you sort people into categories. If you refuse ego’s invitation, you stay open. Now watch this fun trick: I don’t sort people into categories, but other people do. This is a good time to remember their function as your mirrors. Leave everyone free of all the sorting, and you will be free of the relentless need to attempt to sort or label the separate one you believe is yourself.

Free of this relentless need, now look at another. What do you see? What is truly present for you to see? Are you ready to allow Spirit to show you?

When you go in to receive guidance, see that all are going in with you. Attention is being withdrawn from the not-real, and it is being placed upon the Real. Therefore, when you look upon them, see what is Real in them. Whatever benefit you have enjoyed from withdrawing your attention from the unreal, why is it not theirs as well? Seek to see the benefits given you given to everyone.

We wish to speak of a loop. You can gain a sense of identity from looking upon your separate self as a teacher. Remember that teacher and student are two sides of the same coin. If you teach, teach in gratitude for what your student Is. If you are the one who knows, that’s lonely. If you are the one filled with joy because you know the True Self of all you meet is that joy and knowing, you’re happy. The whole point of this is to be happy and to give thanks, not to gain a fleeting sense of satisfaction and safety from thinking you are one who knows what your projection doesn’t. That just keeps the game going and blocks happiness out.

The essential nature of everyone is what makes your next step light up for you, so give thanks. The essential nature of everyone is the light you Are, so give thanks that this is so. When you meet another, give thanks for this essential nature that is so helpful to all at all times. If one seems to come to you, and that one seems to need you to dip into this essential nature to draw forth that which is helpful, this is your very patient trainer standing here, waiting so sweetly while you learn to listen to guidance consistently. See the beauty and helpfulness of this giving role, and never lose sight of what all who you call other truly Are.

They shine. And they could never shine if you didn’t. See through whatever appears to be today, and see all beings shining equally. One of your options is to get lost in the game, and you do get lost for a while if you believe things about your projections, like some of them know while some of them don’t know. Simply look at that inner knowing which is shared, and do not be afraid to see it shining forth from all.

The knowing and remembering is not for you to dole out in portions. It’s something to see as here and present for all, and as it is here and present for all, it is here and present for you.

We delight in making what we Are fully available to all, with no thought of blocking or keeping anything for ourselves alone. See all gifts as shared, and see all gifts multiplied. Thank you for receiving, and therefore sharing, all of our gifts today.

This is a summary of something I was guided to share at the end of the recording: If you see someone doing something, and you think, “Well, I could do that,” please do! There is no such thing as a copy cat. All gifts belong to all. For example, if someone were to watch or listen to one of my videos and think, “I could do that,” do it, and send me the link! It’s really helpful for me to listen to others who are taking this same journey with me, and everyone helps me. There’s no such thing as copying, and everyone helps. Giving thanks for that!

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