Just want good for everyone

Every form perceived is just a lamp. If you are in a dark room, you only want the light to go on. You’re not particular about what the lamp looks like or the past you perceive for the lamp. A lamp is just a means of illumination. You are Light meeting Light, always. You are Love meeting Love always.

When you see someone you think is other, remember this prayer:

You exist to help me remember our Self.
I am willing to allow you to be lit from within as I allow myself to be lit from within.
I need not fear the coming of the light.
I am willing to see you as you truly Are and always have been.
My peace lies in seeing the beauty you Are Now.

You want happiness more than you want the specific thing you think you want. This feeling of chasing–notice it when it’s present. This feeling of chasing after something calls for a pause. Remember this:

I want happiness more than any specific thing I would chase.

You don’t have to try to stop any particular doing. These pauses to acknowledge that happiness is what you want–they do much to bring you the inspiration that carries you in happiness. The more you allow yourself to be carried in the happiness of inspiration, the worse the feeling of chasing feels. It will get easier and easier to stop and ask for change in the mind.

Only offer to others the ideas that are coming through to you as helpful on your journey right now. Otherwise, you agree to stay in a loop of the past, where you-who-knows-better counsels one who knows less. All knowing is present equally within all right now. Speak in recognition of this fact.

What enables you to speak helpfully to them is your recognition of their knowing. Their knowing calls to you and gifts you with words to speak. What enables you to look lovingly upon them is your remembrance of the Love they Are. Your loving gaze is made possible by what they Are. They always give these gifts, and you are able to receive without end. As they Are, so are you. What they Are activates the gift giver in you.

Allow this to come into being: You think of someone. They are blessed and made happy. You see someone. They are blessed and made happy, showered with gifts, relieved of their burdens. In this way you are blessed, made happy, showered with gifts, and relieved of all imaginary burdens forever.

It is our joy to see you happy, and we are forever gifting you from our hearts. Our joy is unending because you have never stopped giving us the joy You Are.

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