Look under the blanket you threw

If something monstrous seems to appear, or if you seem to see something monstrous in the rearview, best to ask what is really behind it. Don’t allow surfaces to fool you. In order to react to a surface, you must judge it. You know how reaction feels. It disturbs. Negative reaction is clearly disturbing. Positive reaction highlights attempts to gain satisfaction from a surface that can never satisfy.

Beyond positive and negative reaction to unreal surfaces is loving response. Loving response comes from your remembrance of the equal depth beyond all surfaces. Loving response adjusts for what the separation-perceiving-ones believe themselves to be. Loving response doesn’t come from you as you understand yourself to be. It is allowed to extend through you.

The monstrous-appearing is the blanket you threw over Love. You’re looking at the blanket, not the Love. Love can handle any appearance, seemingly good or bad. You build barriers to Love in the belief that fear can and should handle what you think you see here. Every time you feel disturbance, you are feeling the consequence of your choice to have fear–the unreal–be in charge of your experience.

Therefore, every experience of disturbance is useful. It is your opportunity to go in, to pray in the sense of remembering your always-connection with Home, and to be guided from that basis. When you put Love in charge of every moment, there is no need to experience disturbance.

To appear in this world at all, however, you do need to experience a little disturbance. Otherwise, you cannot appear physically in this world. Whether you linger with slight disturbance to assist all minds in returning to joy, or whether you assist joyfully from the nonphysical–this is not up to you to decide. The only decision you can make is to allow love to rule forever, as it already does, or to allow fear to rule temporarily, which means having a bad dream.

Look under the blanket you have thrown (in fear) over everything, and remember your forever-Oneness with the Light you see underneath. You become very skilled in looking through surfaces, looking through any rewards or threats that seem to accompany those surfaces, and simply allowing Love to operate through you. Your life is no longer about avoiding danger in a world or taking pleasure from a world. Your life is very simple. You are sustained by Love, and you allow that Love to rule. How does it rule? You don’t know. You are shown as you go. In this way, there is no anticipation or planning.

Instead of being dazzled or repulsed by a surface that seems to be here-but-not-there, and another surface that seems to be there-but-not-here, fall in love with the depth present behind all surfaces. Being dazzled and repulsed is associated with dizzying and unstable emotion that comes from fear. This includes the positive as well as the negative. The positive is ego’s substitute for Love. Prior to the instability of fearful back and forth is Love. It is peace. It is joy. Call it what you will, it is prior to the back and forth you set in front of it, and it cannot be touched by fear. Reach inward to that which can never be touched by fear, and here is the stability the world cannot give.

Are you ever disturbed? You get a chance to witness your attachment to the experience of being disturbed. When you witness your own attachment to the experience of being disturbed, you get to see how you think you need that experience in order to navigate through a world. You can feel how disturbance feels, and you can hear the thoughts of judgment that always accompany disturbance. You can also reach inward to the navigator that leads you in peace, without judgment. This beautiful freedom, which you can share, is more valuable than anything the world can offer.

When we say “go in,” we mean to make contact with us here at Home, in the Home where you actually Are, and not out in imagination where you seem to have flown away. We are your refueling station, and we never run out of resources to give you.

3 thoughts on “Look under the blanket you threw

  1. “We are your refueling station, and we never run out of resources to give you.” I love that… thank you for your very uplifting words, they are like a blanket over me and they not only comfort me but teach me so much about myself and my strength, my strength within myself, that’s under the blanket! Inspiring! With gratitude, I continue with my day! 💜🌻🧡

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