Pause to allow past loops to dissolve

Idle thoughts are thoughts about the unreal that hold it in place as an apparent stability, looping from the past. Idle thoughts have a stuck and stalled quality. Ego tells you that you depend upon this stuck and stalled quality of experience for a sense of stability. Ego tells you that without familiar repetitions, you will feel disoriented and out of control. We are highlighting the thinking that keeps your experience predictable so you can see it and let it go.

You are safe in the unpredictable because the only constant you can ever have can never leave you. Let the form change however it might, but love and light can never leave you because they Are you. No matter what anyone’s circumstances seem to be, love and light can never leave anyone because they Are that one.

Present thoughts come from deep, vibrantly alive stillness, and they are available to you at all times, as long as you are not preoccupying and distracting yourself with idle thoughts. When you are experiencing any disturbing state of mind, you have become preoccupied with nothingness. You are believing thoughts that have never been true, and there are sane replacements available for you as soon as you recognize the uselessness of trying to hold onto nothing.

The most important thing you can do is to stop and recognize that idle thoughts are not your thoughts, and they are pure nothingness. More and more, your feeling tells you when you are engaged in idle thinking. Your feeling does not tell you anything about the world. It tells you when you are stuck in believing the world is real.

This is something you can ask when you encounter an idle thought: If this isn’t here, what is here? You can open yourself up to thought that is delivered at your request. It is not invented by what you recognize as you. Sane thought that guides you simply and in peace is available to you at all times. The ego has trained you to regard sane thought as a threat to stability, telling you that sane thought will disturb ego’s version of peace, which is only stagnation. It is safe to allow stagnation to be disturbed.

You Are peace, and what you Are can’t ever be disturbed. This means that whenever you feel disturbed, you are identifying as something that isn’t and never can be You.

If you’re preparing to think something about the perceived other that gives the other a quality you believe you don’t have, you are in a past loop, and you can leave by choice. Return to your question: If this isn’t here, what is here? Interrupt ego’s monologue of defenses. This is how you remember and rest in the peace of your Self.

We extend peace to you unceasingly, and as you stop to ask what is truly here, you allow that peace to extend to all.

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