Abide with me

I received the outline of this message three days ago, and just this morning someone seemed very upset with me and outlined the ways in which I am not good enough. I worked with Spirit to see this as helpful, and to ask to see innocence in us both. Now that I am receiving the rest of the message, I can see it as so helpful in this particular situation. Spirit is always placing exactly what we need on our path.

Let us look at the nature of comparison today. This one is that way, and I am this way. That one is this way, and this one is that way. You can look upon a surface of differences and ask egoic thought to make sense of these seeming differences. Or you can look toward the interior which is always the same, and ask that interior, the light that is real and the same in all, to guide you in all things.

I am the way, the truth, and the light. [I always hear this version of “light” instead of “life.”] I am Here, prior to all comparison. Abide with me. Simply abide with me. You do not need to judge anyone or anything. As you abide with me, you receive all the specific instruction you need. You do not need to stray into ego’s judgment. You can stay here with me, where we can celebrate the true nature of all.

When you want someone to think well of you, a deeper invitation is here. What if they were to fall deeply in love with all of creation, loving you therefore because you are the created, an immeasurable gift beyond comparison? Would you like to fall in love and see all in this way? You don’t need anyone to love you especially. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Can you see the beautiful gift here? You only need to see you and all as wholly loved, right now. In this way, you become clear about how to extend that love to all.

How would Love have me see this? Ask this question throughout the day. There is a peaceful way to see everyone and everything, and Spirit is always here to show you. Ask Spirit to show you, and you begin to see. In seeing you become happy. In your happiness, you very naturally share the joy you are with all. Be patient and gentle with yourself and all you call other as you learn together. As you think of those you call other, uplift. Remember how loved they are, and you will remember how loved and supported you are right now in this moment.

Others cannot hurt you with reflections of your own ego, with reflections of the thoughts that you believe you can keep hidden. They are just your helpful invitations to let unhelpful thought go. See all others as helpful on your journey now, and the whole world turns into a helper on your journey. You are safe in a whole world that helps.

Do you want to embellish an exterior with opposites, or do you want to rely on an interior? If you judge anyone or anything, you look at unreal exteriors, and you decorate them with the back and forth opposites of judgments. This is entirely unnecessary, and it always brings you pain. What you see projected upon another, you are running away from in yourself. Therefore, always ask to see their innocence now. You have great need of seeing their innocence because you have great need of seeing your own.

Rest in this shared innocence. Know you are loved. Let this knowing guide you in all things.

Rely on the interior of the same light present within all beings. This interior predates you as a separate one knowing anything about anything, so to rely upon the interior means getting used to not knowing specific things coming from a past repetition. You are safe in letting go of the past. The Now will give you very specific instructions free of the guilt and fear of the past. Accept the gift that is always available for you in the Now.

Abide with me, in full awareness of the sameness within all. Abide with us, your family here at Home, and see the beauty in all who seem to walk with you in your dream.

I love that the song Spirit suggested is exactly 1:11 long 💚

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