Undefined and ever-helpful

How you feel always springs from where you are focused. You always have a choice of where to place your focus. You can focus upon the very chatty and judgmental monologue that is available to you from ego, or you can focus upon your true voice–the one that delivers insight and inspiration. Time is for learning to rely entirely upon your true voice, and to know that it is singing one harmonic song with all, always. Ego’s voice is sure to be in discord with all that is. It can pretend to be in sweet harmony with one or more separate aspects of illusion, but that is all it can do.

You can focus upon the details of an unreal world, or you can focus upon that which is prior to an unreal world. Ego advises you to keep your attention on handling the details of an unreal world from a perspective of being a separate one who can succeed or fail. Without your attention, ego says, you will surely fail. What is prior to an unreal world–this delivers inspiration to you that handles every aspect you perceive. There is one solution of for every problem–turn to that which is prior to the idea of problem. Time is for learning to rely entirely on that which is prior to all ideas of problems.

This is like determining where your nourishment is going to come from. You can ingest temporarily satisfying nectar that never brings ease, or you can accept the nectar that nourishes truly. The choice is always yours. When you perceive a need, you can turn toward that which promotes unrelenting need or that which brings about an end to the idea of need for everyone.

You are not responsible for the facets of an unreal world, but you are responsible for your focus. Your focus handles everything. If you are acting as if you are responsible for anything except your focus upon the Real or the unreal, then you are confused about what the Real can provide. As long as you perceive, the Real can supply the perception of whatever is needed in any situation in which you find yourself. As you find the value in focusing upon the Real, the urge to focus upon and handle the unreal–trying to run the world yourself as a separate one–fades away.

Are you facing toward the undefined and ever-helpful, or are you distracted by the predefined and never-helpful? The predefined comes from a mind that thinks it knows, separately from those perceived as others. The undefined is the the simple Knowing available to all Now. Any particulars that seem to be needed in this illusion, Spirit can supply the perception of those.

The ego tells you to chase after the things of this world, and it tells you they are real. The things of this world are only perceptions, and in this they are all equal. Spirit supplies any perception that is beneficial until there is no further need for perception. When you rest entirely in Knowing, there is no need for perception. To the ego, this seems like death, but in truth is is Life without an illusion of death appearing to block it.

It is our delight to help you see and relax into what can be relied upon in this and all moments.

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