What can never leave

Forms are changeable. When you try to find your stability in a form, you will always fail. When you look past the form to what is truly stable, you allow the forms to be used to assist all in the return to sanity.

Every day you receive many opportunities to witness the sludge you hold around forms to keep them in place. Whenever you feel disquiet, tension or stress, you are attempting to use thought sludge as a tool to keep suffering in place. Give thanks that you experience a clear signal whenever you attempt to use egoic thought in this way.

Here is how ego’s reasoning goes: If you know what and how things are, you can stand your ground as a separate one and battle those things, thereby keeping your separate self safe and stable. Love tells you something different: If you don’t know anything about anything, forms are very flexible and can be used to reflect the Love you Are back to you. There is no need for battle. When you allow what you Are to extend through everyone and everything, you see that there is no need to fight yourself.

Where you make a sharp boundary and try to protect yourself, you are attempting to shove back Love, which cannot be shoved back. Love is simply Here, all the time, in everyone and everything as what is most true about everything. Tune into Love, and there is your safety. You don’t have to make a sharp boundary in search of a safety that can never come from a form.

Wherever you see your divine sibling locked into something, you’re going to keep yourself locked in suffering. For example, if you feel you know that one you see as separate has a certain negative tendency, then you believe you have to tools to defend against or avoid it. This keeps you in battle. If you realize that you know nothing in particular about the one you call other, you can look past all particulars to what all have in common, and you can align with the frequency of what you all share. Now there is no need to defend against. You are simply guided.

Not locking the perceived other into tendencies and characteristics, you leave that one free. Leaving that one free, you have left yourself free.

Remember their freedom, and you won’t set up something fixed in them that you need to avoid. The only thing that can be avoided is Love, since Love is the only thing that is real. When you catch yourself trying to avoid something, you are attempting to get away from the only thing that is real. You can always pause and relax into it instead.

Love is always here for you, and the sight of separate things cannot change this. It is our joy to show you what can never leave.

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

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